Sunday, June 30, 2019

Morality is Objective!

In the first instalment of Reason at Large Craig Biddle is dealing with the “is-ought dichotomy”, also known as Hume's Law

Hume's law states, it is not possible to derive moral principles from Reality, from what Is.

Biddle explains in the video why New Atheists (usually Anti Theists) and secular Humanists are incapable of solving this problem. It is rooted in the Kantian fallacy that ethics are by definition altruist (see Ayn Rand's frozen abstractions). But there simply are no facts in reality that support self sacrifice. Ayn Rand demonstrated that in fact moraly lies in rational egoism. Morality is objective when the life of man is the ethical standard. This goes to reason: if the Good has to commit suicide in order to be Good, Evil prevails. There simply is no sense in altruism. Morality is objective.