Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is There a Future for Modern Civilization 1/2

H/t @Nessea_ 
Perhaps you've noticed! The governments of this world are pushing a particular 'philosophy'. But Governments must govern, laws should extend to the practical, not the moral. What we are seeing instead is unadulterated government propaganda oriented towards on three basic moral themes: equality, diversity and sustainability.
Since this is globally concerted, it's obvious it's no random choice. Diversity and sustainability are concepts borrowed from environmentalism. In that context they have meaning, but applied to society these are contrived abstracts. Why are global Governments pushing these values specifically? Why not liberty? Why not fraternity? What is the logic behind it? 
Equality sounds very moral, fair and just. In an earlier post we dissected it and came to shocking conclusions. Few notions have been abused like Equality! Its original meaning coming out of the early Enlightenment is, tabula rasa and equality before the law. That's it! But as understood by egalitarians the root is Nihilism: only at birth and in death are all men equal. Equality may not be so fluffy touchy-feely idea after all..!
Now let's have a look at diversity. The term hides the discredited philosophy of multiculturalism, meaning: all cultures are equaly valid. It is applied to any group of people defined by race, ethnicity, gender or some other fysiology. (Religion has erroneously been added to that category. Since religion is a voluntary idea and not innate, this is false.)
Mark Steyn remarked in a recent interview that, the push for (fysiological) diversity is keeping pace with the push for ideological homogeneity. This is also what the USSR was all about.
Diversity doesn't unite individuals, but sets them apart in group identities in competition with each other in a zero sum situation. We know it also as identity politics.
Division serves the purpose of government setting itself up as the neutral arbiter and fair redistributor of the zero sum cake. Diversity, pluralism, or whatever other smiley word may cover it, the root is always the same: Nihilism means desintegration; applied to society this means division. 
Sustainability is the third Nihilistic sledge hammer governments take to their people. This one is to destroy the remaining vestiges of Modernism. The Industrial revolution was science applied to production. The result was unprecedented growth and wealth. Material values are precisely what environmentalists are targetting citing the alleged destruction of 'mother earth'.
Sustainability is a label governments have contrived for citizens to make sense of the new normal: a thrinking economy and collapsing wealth brought about by an economically irrational 'green energy industry' and amoral fiscal and monetary policies.
The 'climate change' construct is very powerful, since it is immaterial; can be approached in a rationalistic manner through science; but it can also be mystically applied by Christians and neo pagans as a pseudo religious derivative; for the political left it's a great lever for global wealth redistribution; no one owns the climate, but not a single person on the planet can escape it: only taxing the air we breath is better catalyst for One World Tyranny! 
In short, global Governments appear to be hell bent on the destruction of modern civilization. Entire nations and societies will be shattered by tribalism, balkanization and intentionally shrinking economies, all the name of Equality, Diversity and Sustainability.
So what may our future look like?