Thursday, March 13, 2014

Euro Twitter Trolls Spotted in Runup to Elections

The moral cause of the EU is the EU. The citizens of the member states are subservient to this end. Those who don't agree with this ideology are abject dissenters and will be persecuted

UPDATE: One year on, in the run up to these very important elections for the Europarliament these trolls have actually been spotted. Perhaps they should actively be hunted! 

Feb. 10, 2013

Euro Trolls Open Attack on Skeptics

In the meantime we learn that the Dutch site of which is gathering signatures for a national referendum, may be under DDOS attack. Keeping you posted as news becomes available.
It bloody hell never stops, does it? The blitzkrieg by the Euro steamroller goes on and on! Last week we learn the secret sons of Joseph Goebbels in the European Parliament are planning a twitter troll campaign in the run up to the 2014 elections to stifle dissent.
That is just after we hear that the EU is sending envoys to euro zone members states to oversee compliance to its budgetary controls.
That news broke just as we were trying to catch our breath from an article stating the EU has commissioned a report (High Level Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism (PDF), declaring that media oversight needs to be stept up and EU officials must be given control of national media watch dogs.
Never mind rather stale news over breakfast yesterday concerning the Clean IT Project: a public-private partnership in direct cooperation between member-states and the Internet business, described by Infowar's Kurt Nimmo as follows :
The EU is working to build with the cooperation of its “public-private” telecom partners a sprawling Stasi-like tattle-tale system. EU officialdom is “preparing proposals for ‘semi automated detection’ systems and buttons to allow users to report suspicious activity on social networks and chatrooms to authorities” (...) direct police presence will be integrated into social media. 
Today it transpires EU super spies get the right to snoop on your emails, website visits, medical data and police records. "A European super-spying agency is to be granted draconian powers to access a vast range of our personal information, including medical data, criminal records, emails and website visits. The controversial move, demanded by Brussels in an EU directive, will sweep aside British privacy laws that protect UK citizens from intrusion into their personal lives. Read it all in the Mail Online...
Meanwhile keeping you posted on de euro troll attacks.