Thursday, February 14, 2013

EUSSR: EU Nationalism Lives!

True believers in the EU are increasingly acting as if the Union is a living entity, much like Nationalists see the nation. A living, breathing, animated object, a colony of subjects working together for a common moral cause: the Nation. 
It's a transnational form of Nationalism of course, much as was the case in other synthetic entities, like the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia (no, not the USA! Hold that thought, it is important!). 
Criticism is seen as an offense, even an act of war *OMG* untruths regarded as evil smears, as if the subject was a person. Europhiles have no problem whatsoever to criticize or paint the nation state as the essence of evil, yet they are up in arms if the EU is attacked. 
The EU has become a moral goal in itself. It is not in the service of liberty and individual rights. If it was, it would work towards its own limitation and unleash the economic power of the people. Instead the EU is limiting economic freedom with the creation of bank taxes and a bank union (Single Supervisory Mechanism), regulatory and compliance authorities, watch dogs and oversight committees. The converging of 'state' and private enterprise has gone to the extent of central dirigisme, even bordering Mussolini's definition of fascism
So how could it go so wrong? The EU's propaganda machine ostensibly seeks to create an Utopia oriented on democracy, freedom and subsidiarity LOL Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, democracy is in itself a form of collectivism: check the comparative chart. A limited state oriented on individual rights is required for Liberty: the europhiles could not recognize freedom is they were to fall over it. As for the ridiculous term subsidiarity, that is exactly what they aim to crush: sovereignty of the member states.
Europhiles are more than a little proud if you call them EU nationalists. Because that is precisely how they feel. This is the reason we should be worried, very worried indeed. They have a blind spot for the monster they are incubating. 
Because unlike the United States which they say to emulate, the USA was founded on Liberty and the sovereignty of the people. The EU serves only one aim: a moral, transnational entity: the collective state.
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