Thursday, January 3, 2013

EUSSR: France's Assault on Liberty

Hat Tip: Nessea. 
The assault of the French Socialist government on Liberty continues! If its tax hikes on 'the rich' are a criminal act against the economy, try their attacks on the freedom of speech!
The UK's Labour flagship rag, The Guardian, praises France's women's rights minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, for demanding that Twitter help the government criminalize ideas it dislikes. Vallaud-Belkacem wants Twitter to take steps to help prosecute hate speech by transforming Twitter's entire system of operation, and put in place "alerts and security measures" to prevent tweets she considers hateful. This is apparently necessary as new technology makes free speech simply too dangerous (twit isn't the moral equivalent of the printing press! LOL).
Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian's opinion section takes exception to the idea, taking the unprincipled line of the common relativist, that today's eternal truths may well be tomorrow's shameful errors. While his moral attack is attractive ("there are no views that I hold [...] that I would want the state to [...] put in prison those who express dissent") and the conclusion is correct that hate speech is inherently subjective; but the notion that truth is established my majority is a major rationalist error LOL
What the piece deems hubris, is actually the hypocrisy of the bigot who elevates his personal opinion to the level of universal truth. 
As a matter of fact, this coming dictatorship is the direct result of a government that doesn't know its place: the state is about the law, but in no way should it ever transgress the field of ethics - let alone codify it. But Egalitarian Nihilism is precisely what the EU is all about
We ain't seen nothing yet. Once a basic principle has been breached there's no saying where it will end. Leviathan is once again on the loose on the old continent...