Saturday, December 28, 2013

The World's 25 Most Failed States

This summer, Foreign Policy came out with its annual list of the most failed states on the globe, based on 12 metrics including social, economic, and political and military indicators

Business Insider has the complete breakdown of the worst of the worst.

Egypt: On the Brink of Chaos

The Egyptian people brought their country back from the brink after disastrous government by the Muslim Brotherhood, who have not yet given up on establishing Islamic rule


UPDATE: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood movement has signed a pact with the al-Qaeda-affiliated radical Salafi organization Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which claimed responsibility last week for a terror attack in the city of Mansoura, security sources told the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper. According to the sources, the Muslim Brotherhood has an alliance with another al-Qaeda-affiliated organization. Meanwhile, senior Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim Al-Sayed said the Egyptian government's decision to declare the movement a terror organization was meaningless and would not harm the movement. (Source)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Black and White Magic of Living Toy Stories

Two children's movies on magical worlds and living toys. Both movies were made in the same year (2007), yet the messages couldn't be further apart

Two children's movies on make-believe worlds and magic toys: one had a appalling review, the other ranks 8,2 on IMDb's rating scale. One is an original work of art, the other a century old bromide. The concept of the first movie is objective, the second is subjective. Both movies were made in the same year, yet the philosophical premises couldn't be further apart. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Complaint of Human Rights Crimes Against Obama

Murder is murder, and objectively evil in all ethics codes in all cultures on Planet Earth. Stands to reason: human life is the moral standard of all good men. But there is a caution and a notable exception

A group of Egyptian lawyers has submitted a complaint charging Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

Not that long ago, the rejection of murder and genocide as evil would have been universal and a foregone conclusion. But to assume that this human ethics program would be the standard of all men, would be reckoning without the moral destruction that is central to postmodernism. One of the most striking features of that philosophy is the shift from objective thought to subjectivism. 'It doesn't matter WHO you are but WHAT you do' becomes, it doesn't matter how evil you are, as long as you belong to the right group. As postmodenism grows in the minds of the intellectual classes this idea is becoming more wide spread.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


In a speech delivered by Margaret Thatcher in Bruges in 1988 she set out five principles for progress and liberty in Europe. Hindsight shows us how far today's EU has become removed from her vision.

Margaret Thatcher's historic speech delivered at Bruges, Belgium in September 1988.

Famously rejecting the centralized, unaccountable, federal Europe of Delors, Margaret Thatcher proposed instead a wider, decentralized, outward-looking, democratic Europe of independent, free-trading and cooperating nation states. She set out five principles for Liberty:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

US Power is Waning, Russia Is On a Roll

Barack Obama's foreign policy goofs have shifted geopolitical power from the United States to Russia. Specifically the strategic mistakes in Syria and Egypt will have consequences

The German Newspaper Bild is reporting that Russia plans to deploy short range Iskander-M (Nato-Code: SS-26 Stone) nuclear rockets in the Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad.

The recent visit by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Cairo, Egypt, marks a renewed push by Moscow to extend its sphere of influence into the Middle East as US power wanes. After the popular 'coup' in Egypt that ousted the government of the Muslim Brotherhood the Obama regime has suspended military assistance to the Egyptian military. The Egyptian leadership turned to Moscow to fill any void. Egypt needs help in developing nuclear power and billions of dollars worth of arms. According to sources, Russia may sell Egypt some $4 billion in jet fighters, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. The Saudis and other Arab countries have decided to provide Egypt with $12 billion to substitute for the suspended $1.3 billion in U.S. military assistance.

EU Pushes Ahead With Dijsselbloem Bail-In Model

As of January 1, 1016  major depositors will be first in line to bail-in collapsing banks along the lines of the Cyprus model. This is good and proper, were it not that the EU is changing the goal posts during the game. Investors may vote with their feet

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, president of the Eurogroup and president of the Board of Governors of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

The European Parliament has put forward a new mechanism to deal with bank failures in which major depositors in collapsing banks are tapped first in an effort to support the lender. Deposits below 100,000 euro ($137,700) will be exempt from any losses, and bigger deposits from individuals and small businesses will receive preferential treatment, says Reuters. The proposal was made following a 16-hour marathon negotiating session in Brussels. The authorities intend to start the mechanism on January 1, 2016, two years earlier than expected. It now goes to EU ministers for approval next week.

Austrian MP Blasts Western Hypocrisy

The Austrian MP Ewald Stadler is blasting the moral duplicity prevailing in the West. It's hypocrisy is caused by double standards

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler to Turkish Ambassador: "People are sick and tired of one-way tolerance".

The Austrian MP Ewald Stadler is blasting the moral duplicity prevailing in the West: Christians in the Middle East are left to their deaths while the rights of minority Muslims are defended at the expense of Western values, which is the actual target of this cultural Marxism. It isn't the deed, the action that is under consideration (violation of human rights, lack of freedom of thought and conscience), but who does the violating. If it's the West, this is a huge NoNo, but if Muslims are the perpetrators, this is perfectly acceptable. Mass murder and genocide are no longer excluded from the moral perversion. There's one moral standard for the West, another for Islam.

H/t @PeterSiebelt

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dutch Push Back Against Leftist Bias in Education

The leftward tilt of universities is well known. What can college students in a country like the Netherlands do when they want to push back against professorial bias?

@YerRamautarsing brandishing Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" on Dutch national television. We are trying to obtain the original broadcast for subtitling, but don't hold your breath. 

UPDATE: David Horowitz on Front Page deals with Yernaz Ramautarsing's Facebook PageLeftist Indoctrination On My University and his recent television performance which shocked the nation as it showed the weakness of the established Leftist elite whose power heretofore had been a foregone conclusion.

The Dutch Academy vs. The Heretic

The Myth of 'peaceful' transition, unless you're black and not ANC

For most of his adult life, Nelson Mandela was a failed communist revolutionary and leftist icon. Then in his seventies he had the chance to govern. He chose reconciliation over reprisal, a rare example of a wise Marxist

Nelson Mandela sings a song about killing of Whites, in typical fashion afterwards talks of love and democracy.

UPDATE: Charles Crawford on The Commentator has a powerful observation about the racist myth of so-called 'peaceful' transition in South Africa after Apartheid. Unless you were black that is, and not a friend of Mandela's ANC.

On the other hand Crawford is categorizing the Darwinian progressive movement under the Enlightenment, whereas abolisionism apparently is not. Asked for a clarification the author offered the following:
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) is dating back to the progressive era and the early Socialist movement and has nothing to do with the Enlightenment. The source of racism is group subjective theories that grew out of Darwinism. The source of eugenics for example was a cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton. Racism needs a mind that thinks in terms of social and/or ethnic determinism. The Enlightenment thinkers were individualists who believed in personal achievement.

Historical Context: the Last Stand of 300 Spartans

This piece of historical context is filled to the brim with valuable information: how a nation came about from a position of cultural diversity in the Greek city states

"Wars are won by breaking the will of your enemy to fight on". Quote attributed to Sun Tzu.

@Johan_Druyff Man is capable of anything. The outcome is determined by his values, by his standard to measure Right and Wrong.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Geert Wilders Publishes Open Letter to the Pope

In the exhortation Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis drew attention to the indebtedness of Christianity to the Jews and their faith. It inspired Geert Wilders, leader of the PVV (Dutch Freedom Party) to address an open letter to the Pope

Ahmad Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Institute in Cairo.

Open letter to his Holiness Pope Francis

Your Holiness, 

In your recent exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (Paragraphs 247-248) you draw the world’s attention to the indebtedness of Christianity to the Jews and their faith. The exhortation also contains a sharp condemnation of the terrible persecutions which the Jews have endured from Christians in the past.

Your words are words which might inspire many.

Unfortunately, they are in sharp contrast to the expressions of hatred which were voiced last October by the spiritual leader of Sunni Islam, Ahmad Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Institute in Cairo. Ahmad Al-Tayeb.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Angola: Islam Doesn't Qualify as a Recognized Religion

Angola has decided to ban Islam and ordered the destruction of mosques in an effort to prevent what happened to non-Muslims in other parts of the world, especially in Africa

This video from September 14, 2013 surfaced with the following text translated from Portuguese: Warning - The destruction of nine mosques, should be stopped immediately and we demand the apologize from President Angola to Muslims worldwide. If not, then we would like to invite the Muslim community to hold peaceful demonstrations in front of the buildings of Angolan embassies worldwide. H/t @JacquelineWxxx blog

There is evidence that mosques have been destroyed since at least September this year. The UAE are already up in arms (Source) (auto translation from CNN Arabic)

UPDATE: The Guardian appears to have solved the conundrum of the Angolan 'ban of Islam' while at the same time managed put it into the service of Jihad. Under Angolan law, to receive legal recognition, a religious organization needs 100,000 members, whereas Muslim Angolans number 90,000 (out of about 18 million). Atlas Shrugs has more:
The Guardian newspaper, in its unending service to the jihad, has successfully ginned up the Muslims in the UK to protest against the tiny nation of Angola for a news story that the Guardian more than manufactured ("Angola bans Islam!"). 
What actually happened is that the Angolan justice ministry last month “rejected the applications of 194 organisations, including one from the Islamic community.” But the protesters do not appear to want religious freedom either, but called for a ban on democracy and the establishment of a Islamic Khilafah (caliphate) in Angola, establishing Sharia law. 'Islam', stated one of the posters some held, 'Will Dominate the World'. 
Not content to destroy just Great Britain, the Guardian wants the rest of the world to suffer Britain's grave fate. It seems to me that the Guardian is "not conducive to the public good" -- perhaps the British government should silence the Guardian. Did they not ban Robert Spencer and me for this very reason? (Source)

Amazon Wants to Drone Up. What's Wrong With That?

To many people the concept of a drone has become a weapon from the War of Terror. But that is not in essence what a drone is. A drone is an unmanned flying robot

Amazon Prime Air. Wow. Jeff Bezos, the man behind, announced last night that his company is working on plans to deliver its merchandise by unmanned chopper. From your screen to your door in 30 minutes, by means of awesome new technology.

Amazon Prime Air: What Are You Waiting For? 

By Alexander R. Cohen

Imagine: Drones that deliver life-enriching goods. A perfect image of the difference between the power of business and the power of government. And you might see Amazon’s octocopters in the skies over your city within five years—if Bezos’s team can pull it off.

If the team can pull it off—and, says Amazon’s website, if the FAA can make the “necessary regulations.”

Suddenly the story becomes less exciting. Instead of just waiting for its inventors to get the technology ready and then launching its octocopters when they’re built, Amazon is also waiting for permission—and saying it’s “necessary.”

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pomo Scientist: Humans are a Chimp-Pig Hybrid

Bogus science, activism masquerading as actual objective knowledge, is everywhere. The worst cases that happen to come to the surface are chronicled here

Diederik Stapel is back! The Dutch social psychologist failed to make his highly ethical goals subservient to morality and principles of science; and he blames capitalism, quick and dirty prejudice and stereotyping (or something) (for more on Stapel, scroll to bottom posting)

UPDATE: Some interpretation may be in order here: this is probably some effort, not just to reduce humans to mere mammals, but to downgrade them even further, to the level described in the Koran as the origin of the Jews, i.e. "apes and pigs". Because humans are evil, and must die for the sake of the rights of inanimated matter!
One of the world’s leading authorities on genetics says the human race was born into existence after a chimpanzee mated with a pig. Dr. Eugene McCarthy’s stunning claims were made in an online article, although it was not clear when the startling findings was initially published. According to the University of Georgia scientist, while human beings share a number of characteristics with chimpanzees, there are others that don’t correspond with the primates. “What is this other animal that has all these traits? The answer is Sus scrofa – the ordinary pig,” he wrote. (Source)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glenn Beck Reads From Ayn Rand's 'Anthem'

Anthem is a dystopian fiction novella by Ayn Rand, written in 1937 and first published in 1938 in England

Glenn Beck reads an excerpt from Anthem.

The novella is set at some unspecified future date when mankind has entered another dark age characterized by irrationality, collectivism, and socialistic thinking and economics. Technological advancement is now carefully planned (when it is allowed to occur at all) and the concept of individuality has been eliminated (for example, the use of the word "ego" is punishable by death). Rand, as a teenager living in Soviet Russia, initially conceived Anthem as a play. (Wiki

Don't miss!

Anthem, by Ayn Rand

Read free. Free audio book

Friday, November 22, 2013

Super Cute: Awwww, Who Knew? A Baby Sloth

Today in the super cute series: a baby sloth. Where have these cuddly critters been hiding for so long?
H/t @FirstMate1060

Revolution Brewing in the EU to Save the Nation State

"The Resurgence of European Patriotism. How to ruin the day of bureaucrats and politicians in Brussels," an article in the Wall Street Journal by Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders by Objectivist cartoonist Bosch Fawstin @BoschFawstin More on Fawstin's blog. More on Pomonews

Here is a tip if you want to ruin the day of the bureaucrats and politicians in Brussels. Just mention next year's European elections and they will become extremely nervous and agitated. They will fume with anger and warn you about rising populism, a threat to democracy.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Americans and Dutch Building Libertarian Floating City

Combining Dutch water engineering and the American pioneering spirit the Seasteading Institute is building crowd funded cities of the future on the high sees

Joe Quirk is calling for contribution to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Floating City Project to help pay for an innovative engineering design contracted to DeltaSync.

For five years the Seasteading Institute has been conducting research into the potential for permanent, innovative communities – floating at sea. They believe humanity needs a new, blue frontier, where man can be free to demonstrate new ways of life. They have now reached their first funding goal of $ 27,000.
If you dream of living in a small floating city and can afford the cost of living in a major metropolis, please donate. The Thiel foundation has generously doubled the amount to $54,000 to pay for the first designs contracted to the Dutch engineering company DeltaSync founded by Rutger de Graaf and Katrina Czapiewska. (Dutch)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ireland Hints It May 'Go Solo' After Bailout Exit


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dutch King Pelted With Tomatoes in Russia

Dutch-Russian relations are at an all time low: it is basically a clash between Western post modern decadence and Russian pre modern authoritarian traditionalism

After the Russian law that prohibits 'non traditional' sexual relations between minors came the GreenPeace piracy vessel (or was that privateering?); then came the diplomatic spats. 

UPDATE: The Dutch King has been pelted with rotten tomatoes during a visit to Moscow by two members of the National Bolshevik party - which is banned in Russia. The incident comes at a time when diplomatic relations between the two nations are delicate at best. H/t @Kruwella_

Diplomacy is the playpen of babies with razors and amoralistic socialights: dissing Putin the tall Argentinian born queen wore ultra high stiletto heels

TSA Penis Scanners, For Your Own Safety Of Course

Fly the friendly skies? Not until after TSA agents have peered at your sexy parts. After body scanners, the TSA goes to a new extreme to prevent terrorism

Body scanners are old news. Dick scanners are the new normal.

Cross blogged from XRepublic.TV: "TSA Penis Scanners Ensure Traveler Safety"

Friday, November 8, 2013

Anti Rape Wear: Yesss or NoNo

A small New York startup, AR Wear gained instant online notoriety over the weekend for marketing a line of anti-rape underwear

Form-fitting shorts that employs a protective skeletal structure to make it stretch, rip and even cut proof. 

A small New York state-based startup gained instant online notoriety over the weekend for marketing a line of locking, rip-proof underwear that the company calls anti-rape wear. The product is a pair of form-fitting shorts that employs a “protective skeletal structure” to make it stretch, rip and even cut proof.

A small combination lock at the waist keeps the garment from being removed by anyone but the owner. Still in its nascent stages, AR Wear launched an online crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 toward developing a marketable prototype. As of Monday night, the company had collected $27,475 on

News of the product surged across blogs and social media over the weekend, eliciting both passionate appeals to support AR Wear or staunch condemnation of a product that “shifts blame from the rapist to the rape victim,” in the words of one blogger. 

In a bitingly sarcastic Monday post entitled The Comfortable, Elegant Chastity Belt for the Modern Rape Victim, Slate writer Amanda Hess wrote “nothing makes a woman feel comfortable in her own body like a constant physical reminder that she’s expected to guard her genitals against potential sexual assaults at all times.”

AR Wear apparently anticipated the “victim-blaming” criticism and made sure to declare in its IndieGogo pitch that “the only one responsible for a rape is the rapist.” “Nevertheless, a woman or girl who is wearing one of our garments will be sending a clear message to her would-be assailant that she is NOT consenting,” they wrote. “We believe that this undeniable message can help to prevent a significant number of rapes.”

(Source) (About on YouTube)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

George Orwell's Constructed Reality 2013

Farage Taunts EU Technocrat into Passionate Debate

Following the rejection by the Dutch and the French the entire EU operation is technically and morally illegitimate. An electoral storm is brewing

European Parliament, Brussels, 5 November 2013: LOL debate between @NigelFarage and @EUHvR

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Purge Continues: Obama Fires Another Commander

What is happening to the US officer corps since President Obama took office is reminiscent of Hitler's Night of the Long Knives and Stalin's purge of the Red Army  
The military is loyal to the nation or to the idea that defines the country, as is the case in the US. Dictators always try to use them as a personal tool. 

UPDATE: After multiple top generals described to WND what they regard as a full-scale “purge” of the U.S. military by the Obama administration, the commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan was summarily relieved of duty and his civilian deputy reassigned, pending a “misconduct” investigation. Nine generals and flag officers have been relieved of duty under Obama just this year – widely viewed as an extraordinary number – and several sources put the total number of senior officers purged during the five years of the Obama administration as close to 200. (Source)

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Shameless Renaissance of Karl Marx

Among the postmodern Left of today it's considered good taste to once again laude Karl Marx as a superior thinker. Which is shameless considering the death toll on an industrial scale

"The Soviet Union Story": Its crimes were made taboo, and the complete story of Europe's most murderous regime has never been told. Until now...

Cross posted from The Telegraph

The Left is trying to rehabilitate Karl Marx. Let's remind them of the millions who died in his name

by Tim Stanley

I can't quite believe that I've just sat through ten minutes of BBC television in which British journalists Owen Jones and Zoe Williams have defended Karl Marx as the prophet of the End of Capitalism. Unbelievable because I had thought Marxism was over with the fall of the Berlin Wall – when we discovered that socialism was one part bloodshed, one part farce. But unbelievable also because you'd have to be a pretty lacking in moral sensitivity to defend a thinker whose work sent millions of people to an early grave.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The French Are Back on the Barricades

Riots in Brittany, France against the Socialist Government of President Hollande. The French are doing what they're good at: on the barricades against austerity and for government hand outs

In Brittany tens of thousands of protesters donned red hats, a reminder of the Revolution against King Louis XIV.

The central Government in Paris fears an escalation of the protests. In the city of Quimper it came to clashes between the demonstrators and the riot police. Some 30.000 protesters demonstrated against the austerity politics and confiscatory taxation of the Socialist Government. Angry demonstrators threw flower pots and street tiles and tried to storm city hall. The riot police answered with water cannons. Many of the protesters wore red Jacobin hats, reminiscent of the Revolution and the Terror. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Neo Fascist Economy

We believe we live in a free market economy. But nothing could be further from the truth. The regulation by government 'market masters' is in fact Mussolini's definition of fascism

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power." ~~ Benito Mussolini. *

A posting on the Ayn Rand Center deals with the de facto command economy that exists in de Western world today. In the US as well as the EU corporatism or crony capitalism, passes for 'neo liberalism' for the antagonists and 'free markets' for the liberal protagonists. Neither is true: these highly regulated markets that ultimately depend on government permission, are neither liberal nor free. Contrary to what Leftists today believe, in the merger of state and corporations the economy, like everything else in a collective, exists for the sole purpose of that collective, the state. Precisely Mussolini's definition of fascism.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Neo Nazi Party Members Shot in Athens

Three members of the extreme right wing Golden Dawn Party were shot tonight. Two are dead, one of whom a party official, a third man was wounded 

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is increasingly mainstream. Watch the video

Two members of Golden Dawn have reportedly been shot dead outside the party's offices in the northern Athens neighborhood of Neo Iraklio. One of the two men shot dead is reported to be the secretary of the local party office. According to unconfirmed reports the men were shot by gunmen who were on a motorcycle and wearing helmets. A third victim was reportedly injured. Police are at the scene and have cordoned off the area. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Halloween Health Scare Mash

Trick or Treatment? Remy channels Bobby "Boris " Pickett for this mash-up

Written and performed by Remy. Video by Sean Malone. ReasonTV YouTube Channel

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Freedom is Good, Equality is Evil

Contrary to conventional wisdom an AEI study shows that the standards of living for all income groups, including the poorest, have been growing over the past decade

Terry Jones of IBD and Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute talk to Allen Barton about income inequality. H/t PJMedia

Yaron Brook explains in the video the evil of equality. The trick in egalitarianism is this: 'leveling the playing field' is by definition a one way street. You can't take away from the poor what they do not have. You can only take away from the haves. In terms of capabilities: cut the limbs of Michael Jordan and hand them to..who? The principle is shown in this video. What we want is freedom, mobility. 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

In 1940 Greeks Stood Firm Against the Bullies

On October 28, 1940 the Italian ambassador delivered an ultimatum from Mussolini: free entry of the Italian army into Greece. The answer of the Greeks was an unequivocal, no - ochi! 

Women of Crete during World War II - H/t A. Papapostolou

On October 28th, millions of  Greeks around the world commemorate 'Ochi Day', honoring Greece's courageous resistance during WWII. On October 28, 1940 the Italian ambassador to Greece, Emanuele Grazzi delivered an ultimatum from Benito Mussolini to Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas. He demanded the entry of the Italian army into Greece for its occupation. When Metaxas was faced with this moral question, he delivered an unequivocal response: "Then, it is war", he said. How many people, especially today, would have laid down their arms and capitulated rather than fight in the face of brutal aggression? Every October 28th, Greeks honor this heroic stance celebrating saying No, Ochi to the bullies of their time. They are the only people commemorating the beginning of a war, rather than the end of it, and celebrate taking this moral decision. They are an example to all of us. 

Read the entire story on Greek Reporter, by Sotiria Nikolouli


Saudi Stand Up Comedians: "No Woman, No Drive"

"No woman, no drive" satire went viral since yesterday, the day a number of Saudi women defied the driving ban on 26 October 2013

Hisham Fageeh joined ranks with Fahad Albutairi and Alaa Wardi in a viral satire.

Hisham Fageeh (Wiki) was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He began performing stand-up comedy as a student at the Columbia University, from which he graduated in May 2013. He attended the UCB Theater in New York, studying long form improvisation. Within a year Fageeh was taking the stage. He began performing in Arabic after his satirical vlog YouTube series "Isboo'iyat Hisham" (Hisham's weeklies) went viral in December 19, 2011.

Obama's Policies May Will Cause the End of NATO

The National Security Agency (NSA) cannot spy on anyone unless its activities are authorized by the White House. Merkel is very upset that the US monitored her personal cell phone

Obama’s actions may well lead to the dissolution of NATO. European leaders have understandably lost trust in Obama. 

Spying On Friends Ordered By America’s Dolt-In-Chief 

By Jim Emerson

The National Security Agency (NSA) cannot spy on anyone, friend or foe, unless its activities are authorized by the White House. In short, for the low information voter, Barack Obama had to order it. Feeling betrayed by a nation she considered a good friend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is very upset that the United States monitored her personal cell phone. Germany has had a long history of sharing information and intelligence with the United States. Allies obviously need a high level of trust in each other. The revelation that Obama’s NSA was spying on NATO ally leaders has dealt a serious blow to that necessary trust.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

October EUCO: Germany Gets Its Way On Federalism

The agenda for the October EUCO focusses on the Digital Economy, Economic and Social Policy, the Eastern Partnership Summit, and Lampedusa. Exciting, what?

Nigel Farrage yesterday during the Strassbourg session of the EP ripped into the covert federal agenda that demonizes anyone supportive of the nation state 

UPDATE: Another EUCO has come and gone and the results are as ever the same: encroaching federalism at the expense of national sovereignty:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday (25 October) said fellow EU leaders during a summit in Brussels have "accepted the principle" of binding reform contracts that will transfer further sovereignty from a national level to the European Commission. Merkel was cautious not to make "false promises" that a deal on this extra level of EU scrutiny will be achieved already in December, as details still need to be ironed out. "But there is a clear commitment that we want to go beyond the current procedures in the European Semester," she said (Source)

Watch here how the chair of the European Parliament, comrade Schulz makes a fool of himself in a debate with former Deputy PM of Slovakia Richard Sulik. Schulz argues he was elected by 754 MEPs while Sulik represents 300,000 actual voters

Richard Sulik was called off after his party dared to vote against a loan to Greece. The government fell and Slovakia was forced to vote again and 'get it right'.

Obama's Attack on Constitution and 1st Amendment

The attack of the Obama administration on the US Constitution continues. Those who knew more about his ideologies before he was voted into office, are not in the least susprised

The very premise of a free press is violated. It raises concerns when one of the seizing agencies was a frequent target of the reporter’s work.

Armed agents seize records of reporter, Washington Times prepares legal action

Maryland state police and federal agents used a search warrant in an unrelated criminal investigation to seize the private reporting files of an award-winning former investigative journalist for The Washington Times who had exposed problems in the Homeland Security Department's Federal Air Marshal Service. Reporter Audrey Hudson said the investigators, who included an agent for Homeland's Coast Guard service, took her private notes and government documents that she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act during a predawn raid of her family home on Aug. 6.

Arguing with Ideologues

This scene is a microcosm of how the Left seek to silence the opposition by censorship and leveling personal attacks while avoiding the issues at hand

It shows their ignorance of the issues, their bad habits of changing the subject during the debate, and their wild self-constructed fantasies of the world at large. Indoctrination is a mental disorder.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Super Hero Captain America: the Winter Soldier (April 2014)

Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. (IMdB)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Captain America, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is intended to be the sequel to 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger and the ninth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Wiki)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Turkey Exposes Israel Spies to Iran; Obama Doesn't Give a Damn

Israel is shocked by the hostile act of Turkish PM Erdogan when earlier this year he betrayed and exposed ten Iranian spies for Israel to Iranian intelligence

According to a WaPo report the Turkish government disclosed the identities of agents of Israel's intelligence service Mossad inside Turkey to officials in Tehran.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdoğan's hostility toward Israel and embrace of Hamas terrorists is well established. He has called Zionism, the belief in a Jewish state, "a crime against humanity." But a report published Wednesday evening by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius raises the question of whether Erdoğan, head of a NATO state, deliberately sabotaged efforts to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program out of spite for Israel. Erdoğan's government reportedly gave the Islamic Republic the names of up to 10 Iranians who were meeting Mossad officers inside Turkey last year.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Parallels Between Soviet Infiltration & Muslim Brotherhood

Diana West shakes the historical record to bring down a new understanding of the past, the present, and how the US has become a nation unable to know truth from lies

Diana West explaines the parallels between the Communist demoralization process during the Cold War and the current infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood

American Betrayal shatters the approved histories of an era that begins with FDR’s first inauguration, when “happy days” are supposed to be here again, and ends when we “win” the Cold War. It is here, amid the rubble, where Diana West focuses on the World War II--Cold War deal with the devil in which America surrendered her principles in exchange for a series of Big Lies whose preservation soon became the basis of our leaders’ own self-preservation.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged its Way into 56th Anniversary

Run away public debts, fundamental rights trampled, governments looting the savings of their citizens, and states forgetting their place as servants of the people.. time to go Galt

October 10, 2013 is the 56th anniversary of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. 

That the anniversary falls in the middle of a US Government shut down with anger mounting and protests increasing about misrule, is more than appropriate.

Atlas Shrugged, the movie: Part One [Blu-ray]     Atlas Shrugged, the movie: part II The Strike

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Americans Take Charge of their Country: FixUpDC

Americans are fed up with their Government. Not just with the Chicago morality of the Obama regime, but also with both parties, which are in fact a One Party Elite

Glenn Beck today in Washington, DC at the #FixUpDC event. Following this speech, Beck and others picked up trash around the National Mall.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Glenn Beck Warns of a Coup in the Republican Party

A war is going on in the GOP for the heart of the Republican Party. The old 'progressive' guard is battling it out with Libertarian minded upstarts like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee

Glenn Beck on Tuesday theorized as to why the "old guard" of the Republican Party are hell bent on destroying the young Turks.

Glenn Beck shared a story with viewers on Wednesday that he’s been keeping close to the vest since before the 2012 election, explaining that he's been waiting for the right time to say what exactly happened, and what it means for the country. (...) 
"There was a coup during the election, and it was powerful (...) They were trying to get rid of the libertarian, Tea Party-minded power players, and first and foremost on that hit list was Matt Kibbe and his allies. They didn’t like the fact that FreedomWorks was cleaning house in the GOP…that they were targeting people like Orrin Hatch. It didn’t sit well with the Karl Roves of the GOP world…"

Beck spoke about the ramifications of the 'coup' for the 2012 election, remarking: "So don’t tell me, GOP and John Cornyn and everybody else, about how FreedomWorks hurt the election. You tied their hands during the last election."

And now, Beck said, "the exact same thing – the same people really – are doing this" within the Republican Party at large — particularly in the United States Senate. 
"Anyone in Congress or the Senate who associates with FreedomWorks, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Tea Party, anybody, anybody is being targeted by the same class of establishment Republican progressives (...) They do not like it when you organize. They do not like it when you choose the candidates that you actually want." 
Beck added that it’s the same reason lawmakers are not truly pursuing the IRS' targeting of small government groups, because progressives on both sides "want that tool in place…to come after people like you."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

IMF Suggests Ten Percent Capital Levy on Savings

It has come! The NWO by means of one of its main mouth pieces, the IMF is preparing the ground for a less subtle form of legalized plunder than convert inflation. The Fed as well as the European Central Bank (ECB) seem to be done for now with QEs and LTROs. The consequences of monetary expansion initially remained restricted to the banking sector, but are finally trickling down into the actual economy. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

US Forces Catch Al Qaeda Chief in Libya

After the 21.640th terror attack since 9/11 it's about time to demand from our media and Muslim compatriots  to publicly condemn the onslaughts like we saw in Westgate, Nairobi

After Westgate even Bob Beckel has had enough. This is Beckel in another life.

UPDATE: Today more has become clear what went on in the early hours of Saturday morning:

US forces have struck two militant targets in Africa snatching a top al-Qaeda suspect from the streets of Tripoli and launching a predawn raid against an al Shabaab leader's home in Somalia. In Libya, US forces seized a militant known as Abu Anas al-Libi, a long-sought al-Qaeda operative indicted in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. (Background)

A separate raid in the southern Somali port of Barawe failed to capture the senior militant and it was unclear whether he had been killed, but a US official said several al-Qaeda-linked al Shabaab members had been killed. It was reportedly "prompted" by the deadly militant siege on a Nairobi shopping mall last month. The operation in Libya however appeared to be a success. (Source)

Oct. 5, 2013

US Navy SEALS Raid Somali Terror Village

Early Saturday, US Navy SEALS carried out a pre-dawn strike against fighters in the same southern Somali village. The strike in Barawe took place in the hours before morning prayers against what one official said were “high-profile” targets. (Source)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Does a Moral Code Mean for Society?

Altruism or Capitalism: Which Moral Code Should We Adopt?

Fritz Thomas of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín talks to Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

Order Yaron Brook's latest work from


Monday, September 30, 2013

ARTQUIZ: pomo Art or work of Toddlers?

In 2005 ABCNews asked artists and an art historian to distinguish between modern art* and work by 4-year-olds. They didn’t do too well.

Give it a try!

* What's is usually refered to as modern art, is actually postmodern art.

H/t @AndreVanDelft

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood's New Symbol For the Caliphate

The Muslim Brotherhood have a new symbol. Erdogan was the first to promote the R4BIA hand sign on August 17 when he saluted crowds with the four-finger sign

The hand gesture quickly evolved into an image of the hand commonly depicted in black on a bright yellow background. 

The design of the symbol has characteristics sacred in Islam: the color yellow in the background signifies the golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the hand depicted in the color black denotes the black cloth that covers the Kaaba.

Super Cute Alert! Baby Elephants at the Beach

Baby elephants first time at the beach

Baby elephant discovers the ocean for the first time. H/t @CuteEmergency

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greek Military Reservists Demand Regime Change

A group called the Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) wants the Greek government to resign, the suspension of agreements with the troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and the expulsion of illegal immigrants

Reservists from Greece's special forces (KEED) protest the visit to Greece by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 9 October 2012 (Source)

A prosecutor in Athens has ordered an investigation into a blog post that appeared on a special forces reservists' website demanding the government and president resign and an interim government be appointed under the "guarantee" of the armed forces. In a statement posted on its website (screengrab archived), the Hellenic Special Forces Reserve Union (KEED) says it will assemble on Saturday September 28 at 4pm at Syntagma Square in order to demand “the immediate resignation of the government” because it has failed in its duty to provide “health, education, justice and security” that it says it is obliged to do under article 22 of the Constitution.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dawn of the Drone Wars

China has been acquiring drone and space warfare technology and is preparing heavily for confrontation with the US

Chinese drone.

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Cross-Posted at NewZeal

China has been quietly and aggressively going after drone technology. Between drones and space warfare such as the ability to kill satellites, China is preparing heavily for confrontation with the US. They join a new axis of evil with Russia and Iran and the atomic clock is ticking.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Restoring the American Republic (includes free download)

Bestselling author Mark Levin returns with The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic from elements within the government that are acting contrary to the Constitution

Mark Levin on Sean Hannity's gives a rescue plan for restoring the Constitutional Republic.

Constitutional expert Mark Levin explains certain provisions within the Constitution that allows states of the Union to amend the constitution to reign in a tyrannical government. He has made the case in numerous New York Times Bestselling books—MEN IN BLACK, LIBERTY AND TYRANNY, AND AMERITOPIA—that the principles undergirding American society and the governmental system are unraveling. In THE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS, he turns to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution itself for guidance in restoring the American Republic. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pat Condell: The Curse of "Progressive" Feminism

The combined result of collectivism and cultural Marxism: the basic rights of one half of humanity are subjected to a backward ideology that doesn't even recognizes rights

Pat Condell: "Wake up, girls. You're on the wrong side". 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Obama's 'Red Line' on Syria is a Red Herring

Yaron Brook is sorting out the issues regarding Syria while the world's media are chasing a hoax casus belli, false flag incidents, and Western alignment with the scum of the earth

Yaron Brook, director of the Ayn Rand Institute discusses Western involvement in Syria.

While the world is chasing a red herring - the use of chemical weapons, either by the Assad regime or by the terrorist rebels in an effort to actively draw in the US on their side of the war - it is becoming more obvious by the day that the West is already embroiled up to its eyeballs for some time, and has in fact been running arms shipments from Zagreb, Croatia despite the embargo. The infamous Benghazi scandal involved a shipment of Stingers from the war in Libya. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Kerry's New Belief in 'Moralism' in Foreign Policy

Present John Kerry might want to take a leaf from the 1970s postmodern Kerry, who denounced the Vietnam War and 'moralism' in foreign policy

John Kerry in Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "The Place of the Mutual Defense Treaty.

State Department Secretary John Kerry has provided a vehement and passionate counterpart to Obama’s half-hearted and distracted advocacy for a punitive shot across the bow in Syria. The present moralistic Kerry might want to take some tips from 1970s amoralistic Kerry, who denounced the Vietnam War, and in this video, goes so far as to say 'moralism' has guided foreign policy since the founding, but should do so no longer.

Monday, September 2, 2013

An Objectivist Rips the No Balls Republicans

On August 23, 2013 Yaron Brook, director of the Ayn Rand Institute delivered a presentation at the Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Dr. Yaron Brook at the Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference 

@ 33:30 minutes kick ass commentary to American foreign policy in the Middle East

Obama's Statement on Syria Throws the West in Disarray

Since Obama's statement yesterday about military action in Syria, the Western world has descended into chaos. Obama is waiting Congressional approval after September 9

Consensus isn't truth and it certainly doesn't bring a solution any closer. 

Obama yesterday hasn't laid down a vision, nor has he made things any clearer. Channeling every thinkable, uninformed opinion doesn't bring the conflict any closer to a resolution either. The world is in chaos. The war for the moment is focusing on Syria. But this conflict can't be viewed from under a telescope. It must be watched from a great distance for the ligaments and the cross currents to become apparent. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

BREAKING Why Didn't the Obama Admin Give Warming About the Chemical Attack

If the intelligence services knew ahead of Assad's plans to gas his people, why didn't they give warming, Dutch General Dick Berlijn is wondering in a tweet

Secretary of State John Kerry's Statement at 4.05 minutes on Friday August 31, 2013

"We know that for three days before the attack the regime's chemical weapons personnel were on the ground, in the area, making preparations. And we know that the Syrian regime elements were prepared by putting on gas masks and taking precautions associated with chemical weapons. We know that these were specific instructions.  We know where the rockets were launched from, and at what time. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In North Korea "Socialism is Beautiful", KABOOM!!!

Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend, Hyon Song-wol was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who were executed by firing squad nine days ago

Socialism is Good 社会主义好 by Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble's Hyon Song-wol

The ex-lover of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un was executed by machine guns in front of relatives for allegedly making a sex tape. According to reports, family had to watch on as singer Hyon Song-wol was put in front of a firing squad in public three days after her arrest. She is believed to have been one of 12 well-known performers killed for violating North Korea’s law against pornography. It was also claimed that some possessed Bibles, which meant they were treated as political dissidents. (Source)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Build up of Russian War Fleet in Syria Largest Since the Cold War

Many in the West see the war in Syria through the prism of the Arab Spring. But this rose colored frame is the result of war propaganda. The situation is in fact much more explosive

The build up of Russian military power in the East Mediterranean is dating back at least 18 months 

Reposted from May 18, 2013

The war is Syria is in essence a battle between Shia and Sunni Islam over the hegemony of the Islamic Middle East. On the one hand there's Iran and her proxies - Assad's Socialistic regime and Hezbollah - and on the other end of the divide, the Sunni autocracies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Monday, August 26, 2013

15 Short Points to Understanding the Middle East

Confused about the Middle East? Here's your short guide to instant expertise


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gas Plays an Explosive Role in the War in Syria

Gas as an aspect of the war in Syria is very much underexposed. Actually it's about a pipeline that is of vital interest to Europe and Qatar. It's a game of chess on a global stage

There's another side to the war in Syria that is of strategic importance: at stake are the economic future of the region and its natural resources

In "Build up of the Russian war fleet largest since the Cold War" we have seen that Syria is the battle field in the fight over the hegemony of the Islamic Middle East between Sunni and Shia Islam. The Russians are not the only ones building up their presence in the region. An American marine vessel just arrived in the Israeli port of Eilat; the Russian Pacific Fleet just passed the Suez Canal and has arrived in the East Med. It seems the stage is now set for a major confrontation. 


The Sunday People have reported that David Cameron and Barack Obama last night agreed to take military action against Syria

Photo from by M. Ismael/Mazen: chemicals uncovered by the Syrian army disproving the claim (Source)

"David Cameron and Barack Obama last night agreed to take military action against Syria. The US president sealed the deal in a 40-minute phone call to the Prime Minister at his holiday retreat in Cornwall. The two leaders agreed that Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad was responsible for using chemical weapons against children. Mr Obama and Mr Cameron will discuss the military options in the next few days. They include missile strikes, ­disabling the Syrian air force or ­enforcing a no-fly zone across the country".

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Opposition in Tunisia Calling for Mass Protests

The Islamists have shown the world a great con trick. But the people of Tunisia and Egypt are on to it and are no longer buying. When will Western politicians and the media catch on?

Jellez: the funeral of Mohammed Brahmi.

UPDATE: Tunisia’s opposition coalition on Friday rejected proposals by the ruling Islamist Ennahda for ending a month-long political crisis, saying their offer to enter talks on a government of technocrats was insufficient. “All negotiations without the (immediate) dissolution of the government are a waste of time,” said Taieb Baccouche, a representative of the National Salvation Front. (...) Ennahda indicated on Thursday, for the first time since the start of the crisis triggered by the assassination of opposition MP Mohamed Brahmi, that it might agree to the resignation of the coalition government which it heads. But the Islamists stressed that a “national dialogue” bringing together supporters and opponents of the ruling coalition needed to take place first. (...) The opposition has called for nationwide anti-government demonstrations, starting on Saturday, with the first big gathering to take place outside the national assembly. (Source)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Anti Frackers: "Resistance Is Justified, As Democracy Just Isn't Working"

The shale gas test drilling sites have been the target of sabotage by a bunch of eco activists who have no respect for the democratic process

Balcombe residents stand up to fracking.

The mouthpiece of the Dutch Green party and the cause of sustainability, the newspaper Trouw, is once again skirting the edges of responsible journalism while reporting on the "war on fracking": the protests at the site of the shale gas test drilling by the Cuadrilla corporation at the British town of Balcombe. According to Trouw anti fracking protests reached boiling point this week, culminating in the arrest of a great number of eco activists, among them Caroline Lucas, MP for the British Green Party.

Trouw is reporting that the MP was released on bail, while declaring "she isn't wont to participate in these sort of activities", but simply had no choice. Well, what do you know?! A member of parliament, with all the resources of democracy at her disposal, is forced to take recourse to extraparliamentary activism. That's sad!

They are really sensitive human beings too, these green democrats: "I have the feeling that the government just isn't listening to the people". At that point in the article Trouw is really going overboard. Lucas:
"At some stage the democratic means at our disposal have been exhausted and one feels obliged to resort to non-violent, direct action".
Stop! Democratic means exhausted? Ms Lucas has a seat on the left side of the aisle in the British parliament, where the debate on fracking is still ongoing. Her declared legitimacy of extraparliamentary 'direct action' is highly debatable.

But is Trouw's reporting correct? No, it isn't. Lucas MP, the activist democrat was actually declaring something quite different. She said: "Resistance is justified, because democracy isn't working." Which is an extraordinary approach. Hypocrisy is rife at the green front; stretching the truth for a good cause isn't considered a big deal. Fact-free alarmism and sabotage are dominating the debate on fracking. Trouw is really piling it on:
"Lucas understands that fear and hyperbole are part and parcel of the debate on fracking and she refuses to participate in the politics of fear. What annoys her, is that there has never been a proper debate". 
And that coming from a MP who has the entire democratic tool kit at her disposal! At this time British PM David Cameron is speaking of an ongoing national debate. The shale gas test drilling sites have been the target of sabotage by a bunch of eco activists who have no respect for the democratic process whatsoever. A couple of Dutch MPs prove that these actions have nothing to do with a public debate either.
Marianne Thieme MP is tweeting that "We can learn a thing or two from the British protests against fracking." 
It's really sad that parliamentarians should opt for extraparliamentary activism instead of open debate. The former director of Greenpeace Netherlands, Liesbeth van Tongeren MP is even worse:
"British protests against fracking are reaching boiling point. I was there and I made this video."
So the member of the Green party was in attendance when the Balcombe protests exploded, citing something about getting experience in "tactics & strategics" in the war on fracking.  It's an outrage that members of parliament are engaging in such activities when the democratic means have not even been exhausted!

But even then. The green minority wants to have their cake and eat it too. They are just as democratic as the D in GDR. This is on par with dumping cement blocks in the North Sea against fishing, and the undermining of railtracks during transports of nuclear waste. These actions are potentially very dangerous and damaging to society as well as the economy.

To the green wing nuts democracy is just another railway track to undermine and an ethics program in which the end justifies the means. Because to them, democracy just isn't working.

For Gerton van Unnik