Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lexicon: the Second-Hander 2/5

Michael Lerner as Wesley Mouch
in "Atlas Shrugged Part 1"
After centuries of being pounded with the doctrine that altruism is the ultimate ideal, men have accepted it in the only way it could be accepted. By seeking self-esteem through others. By living second-hand.

Mr Panos: Greece's Secret War Strategy

EUSSR: Greece and the Euro, Here Be Dragons

With one week of coalition negotiations under the fustanellaspeculation is rife what's next for Greece. The Greek electoral law is proscribing new ballots: the date of June 17 is circulating. Parachuted technocrat PM Lucas Papademos vitisited the president of the republic this morning on "Issues that Urgently Need to be Addressed". Actually quite a few and not all routine chores either - listed here on Zerohedge #BBBbbbbrrrr