Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Occupy: the Historical Roots of Cultural Marxism (3/3)

One of the pillars of the Occupy movement is multiculturalism. It is based on the Marxist and pOmo dialectics a.k.a. cultural Marxism or political correctness

Mark Steyn explains Multiculturalism.

Continued from part 2/3

Marx pitted international classes against each other and treated the hypothesis as settled science (see videos in parts 1/3 en 2/3). While the working class never reached across the borders to their brethern abroad, the current transnational elite seems to bear him out beautifully. The postmodern movement has gone beyond Marx' class divisions and put entire sexes, sexual preferences, races, religions and cultures at each others throats: sub collectives of women/feminazis, QUILTBAGs, Muslims, etc. all united against Dead White, Heterosexual Males of the power construct.