Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SNAFU! On the Day After It's Business As Usual in Brussels (update)

The recipe for crony capitalism: Just add stimulus, subsidies and socialism then simmer (crony capitalism is a bad term, since it has nothing to do with capitalism and everything with corporatism, the very definition of fascism according to Musso himself, and he should know). But that aside. @DanHannanMEP: "It is difficult to convey the determination of MEPs and Eurocrats to respond to the debt crisis with yet more expenditure; but the clip above might give you some idea. More...     Hat tip: @UKIP
Politicians are self congratulatory with the news this morning emanating from BRX about the second Greek bailout @ 130 billion euros. See pie below: 81% goes directly to the banks. See the vid above how they can't wait to 'stimulate' and 'invest' in tourism in Greece *OMG* and how the Greek MEP is oblivious to the fact the green industry has all but bankrupted Spain and is now scandalising the US, Solyndra's collapse said to be merely the tip of the iceberg