Sunday, January 29, 2012

#OMG!: Reaction From Athens to #NWO Declaration of War, Part 2

The puppet government governing Greece on behalf of the #NWO has been installed to ensure that the country is duly paying its debts. It turns out to consist of Greeks #hoppa whose first loyalty is to #shock! Greece.

#EPIC!: #NWO Annexes Cradle of Civilization

This is EPIC!!!!1! The Troika (IMF+EU+ECB=GRM) proposes to annex a sovereign nation, not by land grab, but by #Occupying the budget and the transfer of self determination by Constitution (PDF text with Declaration of Bloodless War h/t FT). Yipz, that's right! Here in short hand: "absolute priority to debt service" + "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty" + "constitutional amendment thereto" or there isn't going to be a second bailout. The Greeks have already made it clear: a resounding Oxi (njet) to this extortion (more reactions on Keep Talking Greece).