Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meme Hunt: The War On Men

In case you missed it, two contradictory claims in respect of gender have been gestating in pOmo circles. Both are true. The gender identity movement believe gender is defined socially, while feminazis and followers of evolution biology are convinced humans are the product of their hormonal glands. Male testosteron is particularly evil. It turns men into rapists and murderers without free will and morality. Incessant war mongering is practically guaranteed.
The Dutch Minister of state charity, Ploumen (Labor) understands the urgency as no other: therefore 8,6 million tax euros are to be converted into development aid (source), payable immediately for the suppression of males in the Middle East.
A program run by an NGO called Promundo (Spanish for For The World), under the Orwellian title of 'Men Care', is on the case in Beirut. The mental emasculation of the male population worked beautifully in the Netherlands, so why not in testosteron infested Lebanon? What a surprise! Development aid to oppress men! It's for the benefit of the children, the women as well as men themselves (btw even the real thing has it's trade offs, asserts Discovery News! LOooL). 
The politically correct classes are taking the matter seriously. In evidence are two recent cases, one in the Netherlands, the other in the US, both related to sports. On Monday a Dutch linesman was severely roughed up - as it turned out by some drones of Moroccan descent - and later died of his injuries. The policors so far have unsuccessfully tried to cover up the ethnicity of the 'rascals' (dixit the lamestream media) and are identifying it as a male soccer problem (source). Dutch national racist, Geert Wilders MP isn't buying any of this *parliamentary questions*
Americans were shocked by the case of Jovan Belcher, a black Kansas City Chiefs football player who shot his girl friend, then committed suicide in front of his coach. It isn't Belcher who is responsible, but the macho culture in football
The PC Brigades don't hesitate a minute to cash in. Moroccans and blacks are victim groups that must be compensated for their inequality, so they are exonerated; while men, macho sports culture and testosteron are smeared! This is how the pOmo variety of the Marx dialectic works. Hate Male is D1 on the DIM-scale.|