Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Global Alert! The UN is Stealing the Interwebz

Those sheeple in Europe believing government ownership or state regulation guarantees neutrality, should have been jolted out of their collective catatonic coma by the Breaking News of the International Telegraph Union conference hitting the Dubai WTC. Very likely not. After all, what can you expect from state trained drones?

The neutrality of the state is a fallacy born of the evil French Revolution, just like sovereignty to the state instead of We The Peeps. The ITU - like its parent SPECTER organization, the United Nations - is an amoral intergovernmental dinosaur in which the most regressive dictators are rubbing shoulders with free democracies. The pretence is that they are moral equals. Which they most certainly are not!
Here we see proved what right-wing Americans said all along. Net neutrality is top down state regulation. It's now culminating in the hijacking of the Internet by a intergovernmental spider organization: what started as democratically controlled state regulation is ending up in the hands of a dictatorial NGO!
Google has started a petition in an effort to stem the tide. Isn't it time for the rest of us to wake up and not only sign the petition, but to wrestle the Internet away from ANY form of government meddling, including the ultimate red herring, net neutrality? LIBERTY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
Europeeps, tell @MarietjeD66 and @NeelieKroesEU what you think: #EUSSR #UnitedNazis #ITU and every other agent of state: get your rotten smelly sticky fingers the hell out of our Interwebz!
Wired: Internet Hangs in Balance as World Governments Meet in Secret