Monday, December 10, 2012

EUHvR: Don't Mention the War!

They didn't dare mention the war for over sixty years! But suddenly war is the very reason-of-being for the apparatchiks in the EU. It was sold to European subjects as a voluntary trading club of sovereign states. 
Now that the economic fate of the member states is welded together by the collective currency, presently in the process of collapsing taking the nations down with it in its fall, it would seem that
"EU´s 'secret weapon' is an unrivalled way of binding our interests so tightly that war becomes materially impossible". 
Too bad they omitted to tell anyone, let alone seek permission.
Think the Nobel spectable in Norway is rock bottom as far as hypocracy goes, try this on for irony! The democratically deficient EU is to ideologically screen political parties for political correctness: correct being radically egalitarian. A thinly veiled attack on anti EU and anti Islam parties as UKIP and Wilders' Freedom Party PVV.
And not a single lesson was drawn from history: rigged, unvoluntary empires tend to collapse sooner or later #RomanEmpire #ByzantineEmpire #Charlemagne #HolyRomanEmpire #MongolEmpire #RussianEmpire #SpanishFeudalism #BritishEmpire #NapoleonBonaparte #OttomanEmpire #NaziGermany #SovietUnion #Yugoslavia #PanEuropeanNationalism LOL #EuroEmpire
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