Saturday, June 15, 2019

Why You Didn't Build That! Now updated

Left: Howard Roark's Speech in The Fountainhead (vid)
Right: Barack Obama: "You didn't build that"
In Egalitarianism, equality is the fundamental moral value: the standard of good and evil. The value of equality transcends Christian and Marxist ethics; but Egalitarianism wants much more: it wants equality of outcome - HERE and NOW! But here's the catch in this philosophy. Men are not equally deserving for what they are, but because they are essentially nothing. Obama's now infamous quote, "You didn't build that!" perfectly sketches this implied tenet of Egalitarianism.
If you have a brain, a will, some skills, knowledge, character, desires, money, power, any ability or attribute, you were lucky, that's all. The actual producer isn't you, but society!

And since you can't give man a morality which he doesn't have, the bottom is by definition made up of losers. Therefore equality can only be reached by cutting down the top: "We must cut down the high flyers," animal rights wingnut, Peter Singer has stated.

Egalitarianism is sheer evil: strip man of all the attributes that make him an individual and the achievements that distinguish him from any other, and all men become equal. What is left after stripping is an empty shell, in essence a zombie: the ghost of a human being.

The root of the ideology is Kantian Nihilism. The elevation of nothing to something. The zombie demands the sacrifice of the living man. The walking dead as the ghost a moral man is the philosophy that rules the world of the Egalitarian!

Egalitarians are group thinkers whose weapon of choice is identity politics. Feminists and GLTGs seek to address sexism, the elderly ageism, the handicapped ableism, the ugly looksism, multicults imperialism, animal rights loonies speciesism.

Competition is evil. There are no winners, no losers: everyone gets a prize, whether deserving or not. All demands are meritous, regardless of merit.

The evil of Egalitarianism is demonstrated in Environmentalism. Inanimate nature has the same status as man. Therefore it has equal rights and we must stop defining better as richer, bigger, faster, more.

While Marxism still had a vision of a better world, Egalitarianism is a postmodern nihilist construct to rescue Socialism (see flow chart Evolution of Socialist Strategies To Rescue Socialism From Failure); but it does so by the offensive tactic of scorched earth: in death all men are equal. Man is a moral monster that deserves no better.

Updated April 28, 2013

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