Friday, November 23, 2012

Culture Wars: Is Anonymous a Enemy of Freedom?

pOmo man will say anything! His habitat isn't reality, but Lala Land. Since his words have no meaning,  pOmo man will say anything! What they do is quite another. Advice: don't listen to their yada, but watch closely what they do. Then connect the dots.
Case in point: the champions of We the Peeps, liberty, democracy and transparent government collectively called, Anonymous. Def's analysis of Occupy, that equally anti Western, anti Liberty, leaderless and "spontaneous, grass roots astroturf," pertains 1o1 to Anons. Both are - like Al Qaeda - best compared to a franchise. Anyone with the urge can start up his own clusterfuck. As the rogue drone, number @th3j35t3r is pointing out in "Anonymous Is Getting Pwned And Not By Me":
(...) "the Anonymous structure, or lack thereof, allows really bad elements to speak as if they are you, and because you are leaderless and have no spokesperson (...) there’s NOTHING you can do about it. (...) If I was AQ, I would see Anonymous as a real easy way to use willing little pawns to create havoc for the West. (...) "
Watch for example Anons' activities on the Indian subcontinent. That was a harbinger towards the inevitable direction of the movement. Anons attacked Indian sites in #OpFreeKashmir, but never targeted communist China to free occupied Tibet, or Muslim Turkey to free occupied Cyprus. In the cyber war between India and Bangladesh Anons supported Muslim Bangladesh.
Anons is not as leaderless and democratic as they claim to be, but a swarm of anti Liberty stinger bees working under a single tag. In recent Operation Pillar of Defense against the democratically endorsed Hamas terror tyranny in Gaza, Anons launched a psywar against Israel (click link for some of their more destructive activities), even though Israel was the defending party.
A reader might almost be taken in by their attack on the Muslim Brotherhood LOL but watch closely why Anons launched this attack: not for individual rights, not for the freedoms of expression or conscience, not for democracy or civil rights, but on the contrary, for oppressive Islam:
Their tactics [of the MB: editor] are very similar to tactics used by the Church of Scientology and ideas implemented in Freemasonry (...)  this is not a threat towards the religion of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as terrorist organizations affiliating with the religion, defiled and destroyed the very essence of what the religion preaches. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood does not represent the true ideas of Islam. In our collective, many of us are Muslim (...).
So now you know. Anons has sold out to the Religion of Peace! They have no quarrel with the counter democratic principles of Islam; individual rights and freedom are gladly sacrifized, since 'many drones in the Anons collective are Muslims'.
Here are a few accounts for tweeps to follow @MuslimBrohood (prolly fake or spoof, right handle of MB is @ikhwan), @DBCOOPA @ShaggyTheAngel @Intifada @OpPinkPower @Op_Israel
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