Monday, October 22, 2012

Rape and Censoring: All in a Good Cause

In their zeal to portray the Arab Spring a narrative of democracy, modernism and hope, the lamestream media have betrayed their own in the most appalling way imaginable. In fact, it's so gross, it defies all comprehension. Those who betray their own for sure have no misgivings about throwing their values and very civilization under the bus. Their capacity for self censorship, evading reality and contorting the facts can only be described as pathological! 
During the Arab Spring revolution in Egypt a number of appalling assaults on journalists have taken place in the public square and in broad daylight. Only a few have come to light so far (e.g. Natasha Smith, Lara Logan, Caroline Sinz). Then there is the sexual assault of former Libyan leader Ghadaffi and the raping and torture of the late US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. Raymond Ibrahim explains here why sexual abuse and degradation is a common tactic in Islam. 
The latest case it horrendous beyond belief! It happened in February 2012 during the war the West was waging in Libya in order to 'liberate' the country from the Ghadaffi regime. The act was perpetrated by the very people our blood and treasure was spoiled to help. It involves a journalist who was working for The Guardian newspaper. That Leftist Islamo-apologetic rag held the story under wraps so that the liberal fairy tale of the Arab Spring might continue to deceive the minds of the public. 
You can read all about it on The Muslim Issue: "UK: MEDIA’S SHAMEFUL SILENCE TO MUSLIM RAPE OF A FRENCH JOURNALIST IN LIBYA UNCOVERED (VIDEO)" and watch the very graphic video, if you can bear it on Uncover The World Blog.
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