Sunday, October 21, 2012

EUSSR: The Symbol of Moral Deafness

Tadaaaaaa...! There it is in all its glory! The EU's latest gaffe! Very expensive, no doubt! Seldom has a symbolically more transparent effort been presented than this remarkable oeuvre! Note the bold collation of the EU with the entire continent of Europe, something we have been warned about. The logic behind this word f*ck being: if you are against the EU, you're against all of Europe!
Then there's the obvious collectivism. If you don't get it, try this on for hive think. 
After we've dealt with that let's move on to the next pOmo feature: moral relativism, the true meaning of multiculturalism. The message: all ideologies are equally valid...! Actually this is just the preamble. The EU Commission's meme is omitting the best bit: ...except the West's which is uniquely evil! 
Dan Hannan is blasting the 'moral deafness' of the communist emblem. And he's quite right about that. Why not add the National Socialist Party swastika and be done with it? Actually, the Islamic crescent moon is also adorning the one-star logo. It is just as bad as the aforementioned symbols, but at the time of writing for most Europeans this is still subject of ongoing debate (watch these pages).
If you think this is an original work of art and deeply philosophical, think again! Here's an angry leftist holding the Occupy flag, symbol of  'corporate greed'. It is tempting to believe the EU star is standing for EU greed, but so much self reflection isn't on the cards. Probably the Commission has just been conned by a greedy graphic artist on the nation state's dime.