Friday, October 26, 2012

BenghaziGate: Obama's Bursting Bubble

Remember Watergate? It's that big. In fact, it's huge. But this time so far "Woodward and Bernstein" have been assisting in the cover up. But brace for impact. This story is about the burst the censorship cordon. Obama lied, people died. Here's the gist.
Remember the Arab Spring...that series of revolts in the Middle East in which Socialist tyrants were substituted by Islamofascist ones? Good! It's an open secret these revolts were instigated months in advance by the State Department. Read this posting and its links; and peruse the entries on the dossier of the Middle East a year or two back. They also make instructive reading. The Muslim Brotherhood is now well entrenched in the governments in the Spring belt and is in fact cozying up at the Obama's. This was no fluke of fate! This was well calculated. 
Then the might of NATO came down on the mad dog of the desert, Ghadaffi. NATO is now contemplating an intervention mission to stop the ongoing onslaught of the Islamist hordes in the south, a direct result of Ghadaffi's removal from power.
Under the cover of the narrative "Arab Spring", Syria started to smoulder. That powder keg is even further removed from an outbreak of Jeffersonian democracy than Egypt and Libya. It isn't even a civil war, as some claim. What is going on in Syria is a proxy war of Wahabis against Mullahs: Sunni against Shia. The danger is, if NATO is drawn in (for example by Turkey or by the Responsibility2Protect brigade) Russia and China will choose Iran's side, making a world wide conflagration a real possibility! This is no game! 
Then came 9/11 and the terrorist attack on the diplomatic safe house in Benghazi. For a time line of the seven hour assault watch the video above. Read our previous posts on the terrorist attack which broke the news days after the event, while the Obama and Hillary Clinton were peddling the terribly-offensive-video narrative to a gullible public for weeks on end.
The excrement is now about to hit the fan! The election is ten days away! A number of conspiracy theories have sprung up, none which are necessary to qualify this story as a spectacular scandal. But the gun running theory has been in the public domain since March of this year. More on that here by Pat Dollard, and do read the comments too! Covert NATO involvement in a war in which the West has nothing to gain, is an open secret!
So what do we know so far? News of the attack reached the administration in four different ways: emails from the State Dept. to Obama's Executive Office; Flash Traffic message with acknowledged receipt, hand-delivered to POTUS; video in real time, watched by as many as 200 people in the Situation Room; and Ansar Al-Sharia terror group claiming responsibility for the attack within two hours
What more has transpired? The claim of the Obama regime to "fog of war" won't wash: soldiers with boots on the ground may lose sight of the bigger picture, but that sure won't wash for the Commander-in-Chief and his entourage. 
The father of a Navy SEAL killed in the terror attack said US officials "are murderers of my son". During a memorial service Clinton had the gall to push the terribly-offensive-video bromide, while Biden made a crude, inappropriate joke. Charles Woods is giving TV interviews as we speak. He is reacting to accounts by Fox News sources that a request from the CIA annex for backup was denied up to three times: intelligence and military were specifically ordered not to intervene. A squadron of C130 Hercules is always on stand-by. In case of an alert the closest station is kicked into gear (in this case northern Italy). This is standing procedure. The SEALS at the CIA annex finally disobeyed orders and went to the Ambassador's aid. In the absence of permission they've got standing orders to preserve life. Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith died in the assault. Ambassador Chris Stevens, a homosexual, was also tortured and raped.
The Obama regime watched it all in real time, and did nothing. The reason for this is obvious*. It would have killled Obama's election narrative that "I killed Bin Laden, Al Qaeda has been defeated". The attack was the living proof that his foreign policy of facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood is a spectacular failure that has destabilized the entire Middle East. After six years of campaigning Obama's truth is, whatever you want it to be,  is about the hit a reality check!
* Dr Sam Holliday has just posited an alternative explanation, which is well within the realm of possibilities: policor on the part of the administration and the top echelons of the military and intelligence!
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