Sunday, September 16, 2012

WTF! When Artistic Freedom Is Blamed For an Act of War

Two unrelated events are collated in the consensus news story, with on the one hand the US Embassy attacks on Benghazi and Cairo on 9/11, and on the other the rioting over a bad film trailer that is considered insulting to Islam (you can watch the trailer, an Islamic version of Monty Python's Life of Brian, here).
So *WTF* is going on? It's once again the real world versus pomo's styrofoam constructed reality at work. The media story as well as the Obama regime's version of reality suits their narrative of blame the free world first. This is scandalous in more than just one respect!
First, it reduces Muslims to savages who have no other choice but to primarily react as barbarians to insult. It denies them moral choice! Some in the politically correct chorus were therefore fast to point out that 99,9% of Muslims did not take part in the riots. Good and proper, but as good members of their totalitarian collective, neither did they condemn it. There were plenty members of the Ummah who took to the streets calling for beheadings (in Switzerland, Belgium and the UK, to mention but a few).
Secondly there's the sheer hypocrisy! When a New York museum showcased Virgin Mary in dung and a  crucifix dipped in urine, elites rallied to defend "artistic freedom". When Bill Maher trashed religion in "Religulous" liberal crowds praised his courage. Examples abound! But when savages start rioting in the Middle East, the failed Obama policies are at stake and criticism of Islam, first at the hand of a Jew, then blamed on a Coptic Christian (now in for questioning) can be scapegoated, then liberty be damned!
Thirdly, the position and the reaction of the Obama regime has been outrageous! Not only are they completely on board with this narrative, they are denying reality, which is a wee bit of a problem if you happen to be the leader of the free world. As a result of a policy of retreat and appeasement of Islamist fanatics an act of war has taken place in which four American diplomats were brutally murdered. Ambassador Stevens went missing for five to ten hours, his body was eventually dragged through the streets, and he was allegedly raped. The cruel pomo mind set is summed up by an American diplomat in Jerusalem, who commented that "they got the wrong guy". Chris Stevens you see was a close adherent of the Marxist dialectic in which the West and its ally Israel are the bad guys and the Arabs and other "historically oppressed peoples" are a priori smelling of roses - the same "logic" which is at work in #BlameTheFilm narrative. This anecdote is showing just how evil the pomo mind has become. The brutal murder would have been quite alright if the victim had been a champion of liberty.
Leonard Peikoff, writing just after 9/11 has set the philosophical record straight: Rather than helping them set up democratically legitimized Islamic hell holes otherwise known as the Arab Spring, we should End States Who Sponsor Terrorism.