Thursday, September 20, 2012

FUBAR! A Day of Betrayal At the Europarliament

There's no surprise that a Socialist tranzie like @MartinSchulz would align himself with the forces of evil against the freedom of speech. This is not just any old liberty paid for with the blood of our forebears. It is the all important obligation to be critical of any concept emanating from the realm of ideas, including those cloaked in the form of religion.
That is the only way we can protect ourselves against falsehood and lies. This is one of the highest values of enlightened humanity. Without critical thought we will sink into the cesspool the forces of evil have in mind for us.
The tranzie elites of this world have long mentally crossed the Rubicon, leading from national autonomy to transnational soft tyranny. In the postmodern, post democratic world of United Nations, European Union and Eurabia decisions are made by consensus among the elites running these artificial fora. The place of the masses is to accept their higher morality, of which the central tenet is that all truths are equally valid, except those of the enlightenment, which are uniquely evil.
The choice confronting us today is simple: either be prepared to defend the values of
the enlightenment, or lose them, plain and simple. It is only with deep regret that we must conclude that many of our leaders will not be joining us in that resolve. <O