Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WoW! Of Peanut Soup and pOmo SouP

Stephen Hicks, the world's number One pOmo analyst had lunch last Saturday at the home of our @YerRamautarsing *we are so proud* After the Surinam peanut soup, sebi yari moksi-alesie and red fernandes, all washed down with a the smooth orgeade the conversation moved to the content.
The status of philosophy in the Netherlands was the first topic on the agenda. No need to mention any names, because no one will know the thinkers involved anyway. Hicks defined one as "an old leftie" and another as a good example of  "a young pOmo". 
That out of the way a number of issues were discussed that sparked national debates recently: the burqa ban, the ritual slaughter of animals, and the lack of content and principles which typify these debates.  Hicks called it concrete-bound politics (politics without philosophical root), ultimately reducible to the  primacy of consciousness (Consciousness before Is).
Stephens blog, Yernaz blog. To be continued. Watch this space. 
After these observations tokens were exchanged. 
For adepts of Atlas Shrugged and Francisco D'Anconia 
"Money is the root of all good"

Book signed by Stephen Hicks