Friday, June 8, 2012

EUSSR: There's a War On, Ya Know!

- Maggy Thatcher in I told yah so... Hat tipz: Dumpert @wolff_aj

Owww, did you think bailouts were international welfare checks for insolvent banks and states? You may well think that, because that's what the internazi CONFAB *Bilderberg* cabal is leading you to believe. In a memetic shell game the anger about the financial collapse is directed towards the banks #Occupy and lazy peeps in countries like Greece and Spain who don't share the neuro's statist culture of paying taxes and who retire at fifty. 
Sadly, no. Bailouts aren't voluntary. The banks in the US weren't bailed out voluntary, Ireland wasn't bailed out voluntary, Greece wasn't bailed out voluntary, and Spain, Cyprus and Italy won't be bailed out voluntary either. Spain has a noose tight around it's throat and is being strangled as we speak. Bailouts are mandatory because the euro must be propped up. The EUtopia project must be saved at any cost. There's no stopping the Fuehrerin #stopMerkel
War is the continuation of politics by other means, said Carl von Clausewitz. Would the reverse also be true? Are politics the continuation of war by other means?