Monday, June 4, 2012

EUSSR: The 'Grand Plan' of the Oligarchs...

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism 
because it is the merger of state and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini, il Duce create a central state in Brussels. How does it work? It's a variation on 'good cop, bad cop'.
The hyper inflation of the interbellum period in mind, Germany is following a conservative fiscal policy that is appropriate to the European Neuro Zone. In the united Europe the countries on the periphery are locked in a box. They can't devalue their currencies. So other measures are sought. Valueless money, bond buying, bailouts, covering debt with more debt, confusing assets and liabilities, anything goes and all ties with reality are severed *FUBAR* Germany resists, the Fuhrerin gets obstructionist *CRISIS* For all our sakes a compromize is reached and hey, presto! Under the pressure of the crisis an unchecked and undemocratic fund is pressed through #ESM Parliaments hand over their core budget rights to Brussels *FisCom* sovereignty and democracy evaporate. But it's no use *OMG* More must be done, schnell. Eurobonds and a banking union are some possibilities. Germany resists, the Fuhrerin gets obstructionist *CRISIS* For all our sakes a compromize is reached and hey, presto! On the condition that more power is tranfered from the nation states to Brussels, Germany concedes. A pattern is emerging. Some say, Obama and the Chicago way.
In the meantime Brussels is working to europeanize the financial sector which is to come under Brussels control directly. It is helped along by Basel III, a rule in which banks must raise their core tier one capital ratios to nine percent by the end of this month or face the risk of partial nationalisation.
The net is tightening on the European nation state, national economies and the free citizen. He will be a serf of Brussels, a slave of their vassals in the United States of Europe, that will be a fascist super state in all but name.
"All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state." ~~  Benito Mussolini, il Duce
The Independent: "The tipping point in the eurozone crisis: Who's next over the edge?"