Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Culture: Nihilism, Styled To Death

Black Bloc from Chris Bevacqua on Vimeo.

Celebrating and main-streaming violence and disorder. This is how the culture is used to popularize, celebrate and mainstream the negative values of nihilism *destruction and chaos as a style* But that's just Stock Photos.
That's not how Will Potter, an "award-winning independent journalist based in Washington, DC" sees it. According to the author of "Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege" it's just the public's imagination that sees Anarchism as synonymous to chaos, destruction, kids with green hair playing smashy smashy.
That's all a construct of the government. They're actually about #caring, love, general assemblies using non-hierarchical consensus models and helping each other out without the government *oops! don't let the guys on the Left hear that* Ya know, what 99% of us are doing on a day to day basis LOOooooooL
Reality is more like Chris Bevacqua's "Black Bloc", a video zine featuring his photos taken 2 years ago during the "Heart Attack" march during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver (top). 
Good! Nihilism, styled to death! Keep it up, guys! >>>Nothing has more value than a thing<<<