Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LOL! 1919-2012 Blame Capit0lism First!

Those who are still in doubt about the Socialist nature of, well... National Socialism, here are two pieces with variations on the same narrative. 
The first is an article with excepts from Corporal Hitler's book Mein Kampf. Scapegoat of the day were, the banksters - and by default that would be Jewish banksters. Check any narrative from the #OccupyWallStreet crowd for the same conflation. Times have changed, so back then it was interest rates which angered the dear leader while today no one really knows what the banksters have done to FUBAR the system, but foul it up they did, and oww yes, they take bonuses and are only 1%.
Exhibit A - a quote from the Program of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party)
“THE COMMON INTEREST BEFORE SELF - THE SPIRIT OF THE PROGRAM ABOLITION OF THE THRALLDOM OF INTEREST – THE CORE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.” “Once these two points are achieved, it means a victory of their approaching universalist ordering of society in the true state over the present-day separation of state, nation and economics under the corrupting influence of the individualist theory of society as now constructed. The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering; it gives no thought to its people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality, less easy to estimate.
To those wondering WTF was Munich "being ruled by a Soviet republic headed by a Polish Jew Kurt Eisner (real name Salamon Kosmanowsky)", might refer to this item on the German Revolution, which was recently reposted to illustrate how back then, as now, Liberty and Capitalism were caught in a pincer by Right-wing as well as Left-wing fascists who fought each other, but who were also quite happy to join forces against their common enemy.
Conflate that with Exhibit B - The Greek documentary Catastroika, which characteristically starts by blaming "Neo Liberalism" - a Socialist pejorative for privatization - for the mess in Russia after 70 years of rape by Communism. This is the M.O. since day 1: FUBAR the system, then start a revolution calling for more of the same poison.
As far as 'reforms' in Greece are concerned: while part of the bail out terms, hardly any state molochs have been 'sold of'. Truth be told, who ever in his right mind would buy EYDAP or DEH, Big State Corps filled to the brim with tenured, counterproductive members of the virulent civil servants union *LOOOOL*