Thursday, May 17, 2012

Geert Akbar! Wilders Saves NL From ESM Treaty!!!

There he is! The stuff of legends! The hero of the day: the man of flesh and blood, of muscles, nuts and spine! The Blonde Hurricane is going to save his country from the uro lite ConFab. From De Telegraaf newspaper:
Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party is going to sue the state over the permanent bailout fund ESM in a bid to get an injunction preventing parliamentary approval of the Treaty. Abraham Moszkowicz (the star lawyer who defended Wilders when he was prosecuted by the Court of Amsterdan for group insult and discrimination) will represent Wilders in the law suite. (...) >>>
Wilders main Nemesis, the leftist leaning liberal leader @APechtold is shocked, shocked! He is reading the action as a PR stunt. This man, who has institutionalized amorality, has mentally evaded what he is advocating: the selling out of national sovereignty and the enslavement of the people to a European redistributional Ponzi scheme, a multiple putch on the nation states! It's a bottomless pit is which countries are on the hook for their treasure from here till the here-after.
The Dutch parliament has pushed back the debate on the treaty until next week, as opposed to September as some MPs had demanded. As the government is in a caretaker mode since Wilders dropped his support in protest of a high tax/high spend budget proposal written to suit the demands of Brussels, it is customary no controversial subjects are pushed through parliament. The parties supporting the ESM insist on breaking this rule, so as not to offend the overlords in Brussels.
This is how far it has come!