Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FUBAR! Post May 6 Voodoo Economics

John Roubino on DollarCollapse.com is finally giving in today awarding first prize for voodoo economics to NYT columnist Paul Krugman: he has won the day after last Sunday May 6 elections that divided Greece (scenarios) to the bone and ushered in a Socialist Presidency in France.
With the ECB's Mario Draghi - already being expert on the Ctrl+P combination in the LTRO1 and LTRO2 (pronounce eltro) operations (and the 3rd one in the works) - he last week called for a 'growth plan' and the transfer of even more sovereignty from the nations to the EU.
As @DanHannanMEP predicted last week the citizens have had their fill of austerity (meaning less deficit spending as planned) and voted in mainly *Politicians4Growth* *OMG!*
Few of those voters have been informed what that entails. It means Signor Draghi and the Bernank will put the printing presses to work in earnest now. But that's fine, says Nobelist Paul Krugman: with an inflation rate of four percent we should be just hunky dory! *LOOOOOL*
Still foggy about the euro, fiat money and fractional reserve banking, read "The Tragedy of the Euro" by Philipp Bagus (free download of the book).
Now let's see what Ilene's crystal ball @Zerohedge has to say...