Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fascism: the Secret Lessons From History Revealed (1/2)

- Fascist violence in the German Revolution - 
With everyone watching in utter fascination the ascent to parliament of the Greek Fascist party, Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) with 6 percent of the vote, the time has come to set matters straight on the issue of mob violence (watch the Gauleiter here giving a rather sad rendition of a Corporal Hitler speech *OMG* -  Hat tip: @Tilly_Kammeron).
It is a frightening thought that people did not take away the right lessons from the disasters that befell humanity over the last century. The conservative number of victims is estimated at 110 million souls. So it's well worth the effort. 
The confusion arose due to the fact that the collectivist Right was defeated in World War II, with history - as they say - written by the victors. In comparison the Left came out of the cataclysms smelling of roses! No responsibility for the bloody Revolutions, the man-made famines and the purposeful purges and mass executions, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact safely sunk into the memory hole of the interbellum (see the Soviet Union Story) (not to speak of those other secret plans that recently have come to light); getting away with oppression, murder, torture and economic mayhem after the fall of the Berlin Wall, because apart of a few symbolic 'lustrations' in ex Warsaw Pact countries, no de-Communization ever took place. 
Which is why some moron of the Occupy movement can sit on American cable television, advocating the institution of Communism and the fall of evil Capitalism (more on GBTV). (Or read this piece of *crap* which reveals precisely where the theory of the Left goes wrong. Post to follow.)
Early in the last century the political narrative was dominated by statists propagating some form of collectivism as the way for human progress. Collectivism fits in with the tribal ethics of altruism which holds that the individual is useful only in so far as he contributes to society. Even today people confess to feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside at the drop of a word like Communitarism.
Anyway, it was thus that the peoples of the world were confronted with the choice between a Rightist or a Leftist collectivist form of government: Nationalism or Fascism versus Communism or Socialism, something akin to the question, what poison you prefer: arsenic or cyanide? 
Individualism and its corrolaries of reason, free markets (Capitalism) and mutual voluntary contract did not even come into the equation; it was a priori rejected as egoistic, anti-social and heartless as it is in Europe till today. We see the results around us with the collapse of the euro to which so far nine governments have succumbed. Whereas in fact, after World War II the system of Liberty has lifted entire continents out of squalor and poverty.
But with the monetary system collapsing due to Keynesian over-spending and remedying it by covering the debt hole with even more debt, the forces of collectivism are once again raising their ugly heads, calling for more of the same (now called stimulus).
With the violent Left pointing the finger at Wall Street, vowing to tax the rich out of existence, and the cultural onslaughts of their avowed allies in the Islamic collective on the Left hand side, and the goons of the Nationalist Right rising to prominence on the Right, it is once again civil society and liberty that is caught in the mix, to be crushed as the avowed target of all three groups.
Read up on the German Revolution in the aftermath of World War I for further insights into the secret lessons from history. It prepared the ground for the decadence and nihilism of the Weimar Republic, which ultimately resulted in WWII.
Continued in Part 2/2