Friday, April 13, 2012

OMA! Arab Spring Is Snuffing Out Liberty!

To the postmodern Left objective truth does not exist *WTF!* As such they have dispensed with the facts and create realities of their own on the basis of ideological blabla. One such 'sub reality' is the liberal nature of the Arab Spring *remember, that pro democracy movement that was going to propel Muslims into modernism?*
Well, in the Middle East and northern Africa no level of education and secular rule of law ever existed to support the fostering of a civil society *huh?* The secular-socialist dictatorships were always going to be substituted by theocracies: liberal democracy never stood a chance. To believe otherwise is ignoring the facts and reversing cause and effect *a ballot box not liberty makes* While Egypt is doing its level best to vote in the Muslim Brotherhood, sanctioned by the present 'leader of the free world', the cradle of the 'movement' - no, not the State Department this time, but Tunisia, on March 28 condemned its first modernists to seven year jail sentences each for the crime of 'disturbing the public order.'
Author Joost Niemöller wrote the following on his blog on DDS: "Two boys and the Arab Spring":
(...) Jabeur Mejri's voice has been silenced as he is rotting away in a jail in Tunisia (Ghazi El Beji having escaped to Greece (blogpost)). Luckily his book "Dark Land" is still available to us. Mejri's document is perhaps a touch clumsy, but it is a touching and a brave effort nevertheless. With his suddenly liberated rage he writes about the gruesome tradition of Islam and its lies, and connects it to the reality of daily life under Islam. He concludes his book with a slide show of his heroes, amongst them Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Salman Rushdie. (...) His revolutionary indictment is taking apart Islamic ideology from within and condems the inferior nature of Allah and Mohammed himself, showing how their character flaws have led to the practices in real life. I must admit I have never seen such a fundamental indictment; from Muslim apostates in the West perhaps, or anonymously, but never so personal and so overt. Mejri is now paying a heavy penalty. (...) "Islam is a hoax, it is hallucination of a sick mind and nothing but lies and deceits." Let's hope the written condensation of Mejri's spiritual liberation will reach the world, especially the dar-al-Islam. Please help to proliferate his book. Facebook Page Tunesian Free Thinkers - Facebook Page Jabeur Mejri
In a VK newspaper article Niemöller writes:
The Tunisian Tourist Board has started a wide spread campaign showing women at the beach wearing bikinis, with alternating texts oriented on the concept of liberty. Tourism is Tunisia's main source of income and hotel rooms are vacant. But the image on the posters is spreading a false message. Criticism of Islam is costing you seven years of your life in Tunisia. The country is silent on the case (of Mejri and El Beji). That's is the reality of the Arab Spring in the country where the revolution started. Democracy, okay, criticism of Islam, no way!