Sunday, April 22, 2012

Occupy: the Historical Roots of Cultural Marxism (2/3)

The radicals of the 1960s and 1970s despised labels and didn't mind to be called cynics. "Call us Communists, or amoral, we don't care for labels"

PJTV/Afterburner - Bill Whittle presents Political Correctness

Continued from part 1/3

In pOmo lingo words have no reference in reality, but are arbitrary social conventions which must be deconstructed in order to find out what the speaker is 'masking'. An offense against policor is a priori assumed. The root of cynicism and irony is nihilism, the war on reality and values, that is the aim of the policor weapon. As you have seen in the video in part 1/3 the Left is bankrupt and is past caring: all they want is the destruction of Western culture, the standard bearer of capitalism.

Despite the disillusionment, the radicals held that the Soviet Union and Cuba were well on the right track. By the end of the 1960s Joe Stalin had already killed 20 million of his own people, while the Russian Revolution that brought the Communists to power, had cost a mere 9 million lives. (See the full length documentary The Soviet Union Story).

Mao's democide was well on it's way: by 1975 the tally stood at 40 million. (See necrometrics for more gruesome figures). Today, their apologists still can't help themselves, singing the praises of the ChiCom's efficiency in governance. The Left is morally and ideologically threadbare.

But then again, not doing 'labels', they are against all ideologies, definitions and universals, they claim to be Left nor Right. They abhor truths, morality, intellect and reason. Again from Ayn Rand's book, "Return of the Primitive: the Anti-Industrial Revolution": 
"The political existentialists go for what works because nothing is knowable — mind is a superstition—logic is a social convention—ethics is a matter of subjective commitment to an arbitrary postulate”—and the consequent mutations are those contorted young creatures who scream, in chronic terror, that they know nothing and want to rule everything." 
Committed to action, they will ask questions later. No theorizing, like intellectuals do, but action. The decrepid philosophy of Pragmatism is more Sartre (pOmo) than Marx. In fact, the entire mindset is in place for practical, instant revolution. Reason must not sit in the way of action. While the 1960s radicals defiantly asserted they were willing to be confused, today's occupiers are not even aware they are confused! Rand: 
"When and if academic commentators gave any thought to the practical results of their theories, they were predominantly united in claiming that uncertainty and skepticism are socially valuable traits which would lead to tolerance of differences, flexibility, social “adjustment” and willingness to compromise. Some went so far as to maintain explicitly that intellectual certainty is the mark of a dictatorial mentality, and that chronic doubt—the absence of firm convictions, the lack of absolutes—is the guarantee of a peaceful, “democratic” society. They miscalculated". 
That is still the standard pOmo stance of today: absolutists are Nazis, relativists are the children of peace, although they've never explained who will arbitrate in their ad hominem wars over personals tastes, given the absence of inescapable, objective truth.

In the 1960s and 70s as now (see Van Jones on the subject) the genuine civil rights movement and other just causes are co-opted to lend an air of legitimacy to the movement. Race and class cards are also frequently drawn, but only in so far as these can be used as weapons. No issue is really pursued to the point of success, except to further break down values and the source of all wealth: capitalism.

That system in the meantime has been completely corrupted by state controls and regulations. Read here, why the Euro is a tragedy and you will start to have some idea why the present monetary system - more soft fascism than anything else - is destined for the scrap heap. That isn't capitalism at fault, that is Leftist phantom economics and Keynesianism (Kenyes for muppets) on steroids.
In the counter-cultural revolution students took over faculties and administrative buildings, which then, as now, they refer to that as 'an occupation'. Even the hollow excuses of the bourgeois brats are the same: alienation, the 'system', Big This, Big That, the inequities of life, student loans, any old grievance will do.

Ayn Rand again: 
"While the New Left achieved limited political success, it brought about vast cultural changes that remain with us to this day. The reason is that while its representatives faced some political opposition, they faced little-to-no fundamental intellectual opposition". 
Do not let history repeat itself yet again! Tell these empty vessels what they are: confused bots who don't know any better than copying a tired old bromide. Fight them intellectually this time! It shouldn't be that hard: they lack the capacity to analyse their own beliefs and there's no one around to set them straight.

Continued in part 3/3