Sunday, April 1, 2012

HOAX! How To Steal and Rig Reality on a Grandiose Scale!

Obama's Masters of Ceremony: David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs
After the enormities of 'free and fair elections' #FUBAR in Hamasstan and Fatahstan by which islamofascist dictatorships were formally legitimized in the eyes of the combined international elite, today it is the role of Burmese 'democracy champion', Aung San Suu Kyi to lend her hell hole country fake respectability.
The victory will not change the balance of power, we read, but "its symbolic significance could lead to improved relations with the West." Owww good! Another fascist tyranny joins the ranks of polite internationalist society #NWO #UN! Impolite is now officially a badge of honor! 
Criminals and second handers fake reality by mimicking secondary symptoms. A thief wants to create the impression of a succesful man by stealing the value of others; a school yard bully takes a short cut to popularity by demanding adoration under duress; Obama steals respectability by erecting Greek styrofoam pillars; pomo economists simulate growth by printing new money rendering true wealth valueless. The list goes on and on! Democratic elections create the impression of a mature, civil society that lives by the rule of law (chart). But it is all just as faux as Obama's plastic temple and an economy built on worthless paper and hot air bubbles!
This demoralization is at the bottom of every societal collapse! H/t @Tarak The rot starts with philosophical relativism and cultural nihilism, and ends with complete break down. Afterwards someone may come up with a theory about a Black Swan. But in fact the corruption was in our own minds all the time!
Related: There is something to be said for cyclic time instead of the Progressivist hoax of linear time, but this item on The Fourth Turning due to its irrational premise that human time somehow 'magically' determines cycles, is utter nonsense.