Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#FO! We Don't Want No Neo Ottomans #GulStayHome

A documentary by Stelios Samaras, combining original film footage from 1922 and historical screen play material, in "The Catastrophy of Smyrna"

On the occasion of the three day state visit of the Turkish President, Gul and his wife to the Netherlands, pending his acknowledgement of the Turkish genocides on minorities, and the sacking of their villages and cities in the aftermath of World War I, we are showing you tonight some video material. 
While Mr Gul has been fulminating in terms of the mind boggling equivocation "Islamophobia" as promoted by the OIC - the Organization of Islamic Conference (a UN associated organization, combating critique of Islam) - the Islamocratic Turkish government seldom misses an opportunity to remind Europeans that "Europe is a Christian Club". Europhile multiculturalists suitably oblige by being utterly embarrassed and blackmailed by the fact. Which may be the reason the European Commission decided to bring Turkey into the fold, quietly under the democratic radar - yes, Europeans have now become non-entities in their own countries! 
Geert Wilders meanwhile took the occasion to reply in kind, advising him to stay at home: "Gul, the bullier of Christians, the slayer of Kurds and the friend of Hamas, and Islamist Gül is complaining about intolerance?!". In reply to Gul's complaint about Islamophobia, Wilders tweeted in the face of continued persecution of Christians: "this is probably a Turkish joke". #Gulstayhome and em ... about the real, the forgotten occupation... #FREECYPRUS!!!

A short film by George Magarian, born in 1895, educated at the American College at Konia, Turkey and, later, director of the Konya YMCA, filmed Smyrna, the pearl of the Aegean, immediately after it's genocidal destruction.
In the aftermath of WWI the Ottoman Empire was losing the war. They turned against so called 'traitors', minorities living in the empire, Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians.
This film is showing what happened to the Greek refugees after their city, Smyrna (now Izmir) was sacked by the Turks and the relief operation was set up by the YMCA. In Athens an entire quarter, called Nea Smyrni, sprang up. It still exists.