Sunday, March 11, 2012


In the early hours of Friday morning the Dutch twitterverse brutally awoke to the following tweet: RT @AndrewKomproe Women's Day is almost done! It was fun, etc. Tomorrow's another day. Tomorrow is #NEGRODAY #OMG *OwNo? Yip!* To cut a long story short GR8 fun was had by all, but no one got comfortable for a second. Reactions ranged from moral outrage by the politically correct, to creative ideas involving coupons. But here's the problem. True racists are hijacking a ride under the guise of the fight against policor. But they stand out like a burqa on a naturalist beach. Champions of free speech exclusively target #moral fags and no one else.

Coincidentally in the US that same evening @SeanHannity in cooperation with the organization of the late Andrew Breitbart kicked off the Obama project #vetThePrez with a 1990 film from Harvard. Barack Hussein Obama has a long history of brotherhood with the radical Left, which has long been swept under the carpet by the Democrat media complex (file Obama's Radical Connections). Check here how CNN's Soledad O'Brien needs to breath into a paper bag to regain consciousness after the confrontation.
The 1990 Harvard tape shows Barack Obama as a young President of Harvard Law Review, asking students to open their hearts and minds for Prof. Derrick Bell, the grandfather of Critical Race Theory. CRT is the racist twin brother of pomo genderstudies and liberation theology. These types of  studies known as "critical theory" (an academic arm of cultural Marxism)  aims to pseudo intellectually delegitimize the philosophy of Liberty. The result is reverse racism. Multicult does the same thing on a social level. In Professor Bell's script of the film "Space Traders" whites sell their black compatriots to space aliens while Jews stand idly by and watch. It turns inside out and on its head Dr. Martin Luther King's tenet that "people not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character". Read here: "Why Multiculturalism is Racist and Evil"
Sooooo... critiquing minorities is allowed, no is MANDATED! It isn't racism or sexism. On the contrary! *not doing so is* Stand up comedian @BrianHirman is tweeting later on #NEGRODAY the target was those "special days" like International Women's Day. So Hirman was exactly aligned to MLK! We aren't women, men, gays, blacks or Muslims: we are in the first place humans! Don't give collectivists the chance to divide and conquer us through groupthink.