Friday, March 16, 2012

STFU! Euro Fascists, Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine :-P

- Dutch Jeune Premier, Mark Rutte - 
Ready to burst a blood vessel due to the insidious nature of policor? Don't worry! In Europe it just got a lot worse. In fact, it reached a new high with the Euro Parliament (EP) today trying to bully a national government into condemning the actions of a political party. But it ain't gonna work, you hear! You nest of little Mussos! 
Geert Wilders Freedom Party recently opened a website where complaints about Eastern European emigres might be dropped. Being historically not used to morality, increasing numbers are regrettably running foul of law enforcement (or lack thereof).
How like the EU! *YEAH* Ideologically deleting the borders, grossly underestimating the consequences and then morally condemning those mitigating the matter! Reading the language of the Resolution, memories of the Soviet Union come to mind. The website is condemned as "incitement to hatred and discrimination", it is "undermining the rights of EU workers" and "contradicts basic EU values of human dignity, freedom, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights". The EP further opines that it is "an ill-intentioned initiative aimed at creating divisions within the society and obtaining political gains" *coming as it did from the Wilders party* Sheer political ideology is at work here. No shibboleth of Leftism had been left out.
The political vindictiveness is revealed in a passage that "the Dutch government's commitment to European integration has significantly decreased in recent years" *So that's it then! Condemned for counter European activities*
Reality is completely evaded when the comrades ascertain that "countries that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 have had a positive impact on EU Member States' economies". It is a lie pure and simple *truth of the day*
The Netherlands is now in the good company of other dissidents, like Hongarian Prime Minister Orban over a plethora of sins against the ideology and the blocked Italian EU commission candidate Rocco Buttiglione, whose pro life stance dissented from the prevailing liberal fetuskill morality. To mind also comes the spat after Socialist leader Martin Schulz (now President of the EP) criticized Silvo Berlusconi as early as 2003: Schulz had the gutzpah to deplore the outspoken ideas on immigration uttered by the newly elected Umberto Bossi. Here the Berluscone reaction (vid). So there's ample precedent for this euro fascism. WTF do these pocket Hitlers think they are? 
As MEP Derk-Jan Eppink remarked: The Left want to turn this venue into a tribunal. That's not in line with the idea of an EU of sovereign nations! *You don't say!* What's next? British PM David Cameron having to explain why he insists on the rebate? Calling French President Sarkozy out on his policies regarding the Roma? Dutch PM Mark Rutte for the time being is mostly side stepping the issue, saying he'll perhaps show up in the EP some time later this year "when he has time".
*Kudos4Mark!* There's only one why to deal with bullies: show them who's boss :-P
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