Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sick! Public Health Scare, Contraception and White Coats

In the present farce *LOL* involving the lovable little fuzz ball of talk, Rush Limbaugh #aww and a mature activist student (30) who has so much sex she can't afford the contraceptives #OMG #apology the central issue is, if religious employers should be mandated to pay for contraception through health care insurance per #ObamaCare. You see, unintentional pregnancy is presented as a menace to society as a whole, a human tragedy on the personal level *Obama: girls shouldn't be punished with a baby* as well as a burden on the environment #humansRevil It is a head-on collision between individual and collective rights.
In collectivism rights are bestowed by the state on behalf of society; it is society that is the yardstick of morality; and it is society that is assuming responsibility on the individual's behalf. Crimes, stupid choices, deviant behavior, general FUBAR-ness, you name it, is deemed a form of disease, the price of society setting the norm, instead of the individual. It's an undeclared and unwritten transaction. 
This is how the Left is turning such private cases into a public issue, while going roughshod over individual liberty, the freedom of conscience and free speech rights #1984 - pregnancy, abortion, contraception, crimes, addiction of all varieties, eating and behavioral disorders, homelessness, poverty, autism, depression, everything is disease! #yuk Disease paves the way for costs to be foisted on the public purse. Panic and fear emanating from health scares keep a population docile and responsive to white coated, authoritative control.
Collectivists take pride in their handiwork #WTF! Taking the moral high ground, they believe their system is so much more humane than traditional criminal justice. But in the demoralized, European 'disease' approach to crime, treatment may easily be for life among the busy bodies in a mental institution with as huge lawn, and a politically correct name plate, in a quite corner in the country. Psychotherapy is now known not to make a flipping ass's end of difference #fact
The core of the radical dogma is equality at birth #OK; during life compensation for the under 'privileged' and handicaps for the overachievers #pOmoDialectics; ensuring absolute equality of outcome on the administration 'soft death' (also on the way of becoming a 'right') #Socialism!
To collectivists rights are bestowed by the collective on the basis of 'consensus': their definition of the universal (an abstraction which is otherwise rejected by the way). A philosophical, irreducible primer is thus debased to a piece of paper signed by diplomats, they call the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Muslim world didn't sign up to this 'consensus': they have endorsed an even more corrupted offshoot called the Cairo Declaration. So far, the contradiction hasn't rung a bell! Collectivism will be with us a while longer at the expense of individual rights.
Special tx to @republiektrien for her insights. 
More indepth comparison of individual versus collective rights here
Update: the Obama has now made cell phones a human right! You get them free with welfare! Hat Tip: @GoldWerewolf