Saturday, March 17, 2012

SHOCK! Euro Condemns Greeks to Dumpster Diving!

Shocking scenes at a supermarket where some twenty people are fighting for their daily supper at a dumpster.
People are fighting over some products.
Give me something for the children?
Among them housewives, the unemployed, pensioners, but also children who seek to satiate their hunger from among the refuse. Our cameras are picking up catastrophic scenes.
Is that calamares?
There are many poor people in Greece of every age and ethnicity gathering  a living off the streets. Such scenes are unheard of in our country. In the shopping cart: some yoghurts, milk, sauce, bread. People are fighting for a piece of stale bread and the winner takes home his prize to a waiting spouse.
Woman who won the fight from an elderly man:
What can I do? The children are sick. We have no work.
Shop keepers tell us who these dumpster divers are.
Housewives beg me: "Don't throw the stuff away after the market closes. Call me and I'll come to pick it up". It is terrible!
What are they asking for?
Whatever, potatoes, egg plant, oranges, anything for the children, bananas...
Pensioners are asking for fish products ... to fishmonger: What kind of people are these?
The elderly mostly.
You can tell they are sad. Some are making a living, but want something extra for the children.
Some people do not even have bread to eat.
After nine o'clock when the supermarket closes, the battle for the dumpster is starting all over again.

Is the common currency, a symbol and a crowbar for the Utopian idea of a united Europe, really worth sacrificing Greece for? Perhaps it's not really quite by chance the cradle of this great civilization that is bearing the brunt of Leviathan's onslaught. The powers that be have already set their eyes on an even greater prize: world power. They conquer it by creating chaos and corruption of the mind. See what hunger and poverty do to one's standard of value! (Read also: "The War on Reality")

Cartoon by Dimitris Georgopalis - original - website - @georgopalis