Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend of Islam (I): the separation of Mosque and State

Does this behavior violate anyone's rights! Or is the Birthday of Mohammed here today in Amsterdam a feast of liberty? More photos
This week we saw how hidden trap doors and priest holes penetrated the iron wall of separation between State and Church. We'd better watch our first principles very closely here, folks, before freedom gets truly #FUBAR and we sleepwalk into tyranny!
The Solar King Obama for Fundamental Deconstruction had it in him to mandate Christian institutions to buy healthcare for their employees that includes contraception, emergency pills, abortifacients and abortion. That's an affront against Church teaching and the freedom of conscience. Glenn Beck and the Roman Catholic Church led the revolt against the unconstitutional incursion which would fundamentally change the relationship between the secular and the sacred *shudder*. As Obama quickly retreated into a compromise, mandating that the cover instead be paid equally unconstitutionally by the health insurance company, Archbishop Dolan of NYK vowed to stay the course. The Church revolt is #unique in #modern history. Obama's mandate flies in the face of negative rights that limit the State. Read Paul A. Rahe's "American Catholicism’s Pact With the Devil", which describes how Christians fell for the socialist narrative as they confused collective redistributionism - robbing Peter to pay Paul - with individual, voluntary charity! It's a true eye opener! It happened all over the Christian world.
On the other side of the Atlantic meanwhile a Dutch minor Court perpetrated the reverse: it pronounced secular law suspended for an Orthodox Jew who refused to carry ID on the Sabbath. The Judge deemed that “Religious duty outweighs legal requirements", a spokesman stated unblushingly. Since this constitutes a bomb under the principles underlying the rule of law the verdict will probably be overturned in appeal, according to blogger Victor Sterren.
Virulent atheists pushing equality fundamentalism were quick to cry bl**dy MURDER and DISCRIMINATION! The extention of negative rights limiting the state to citizens themselves is another legal corruption and a violation of property rights. But that is not the problem here. The separation of state and temple doesn't allow the Obama to write fascistic laws that force believers to act against their consciences. At the same time religionists acting on the secular realm must answer to secular law. The Jew should have stayed at home on the Sabbath if he didn't want to carry. Key here is choice.
Back to the question of the day: is the Muslim Birthday of the Prophet (****) a Celebration of Liberty or  a Horrible Violation of Atheist Rights (the Supreme Being forbid).
Continued in part II: three useful idiots and a snake