Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend of Islam (II): three useful idiots and a serpent

Continued from part I: Separation of Mosque and State

Amsterdam's VU University cancelled an 'academic debate' with the London-based Sharia Council member and controversial Islam 'scholar' Haitham al-Haddad on Friday, amidst uproar about his views on humanity, society, and antisemitic statements. The intellectual exercise had been the initiative of integration's finest, the VU Muslim Students Society. The Lower House of Parliament held an emergency session on the issue *LOL they enjoy micro management these days!* and voted against the Haddad entering the country. But contrary to the Brits when they refused entry of Geert Wilders, the Dutch Minister of Justice couldn't find any legal grounds to stop the Haddad #bummer. So the 'debate' went ahead anyway; not on the University campus, but at a policor cultural center.
The Haddad had laid out conditions though: along the demands one can expect from an upright sharia scholar was that no unveiled women would participate *Allah forbid*. The organizators gladly obliged. Journalist Kustaw Bessems and Green Leftist politician Tofik Dibi MP did the honors, moderator Joeri Albrecht excelling in dhimmitude and comfortable questions.
Update: this version of events is disputed by Albrecht. It can be viewed on the Dutch edition
The debate was deemed socially beneficial by the thinking classes since it would offer an opportunity to show the nation just how rational they are, and how utterly insane religionists really are *generic mode since - although believers - we don't wanna hit on any specific 'group', even if they are fascists, now do we?*
Before long the fatwahs flew across the table. The serpent is well trained as a scholar in the tricks of his trade, theological debate. He tried to make the 'capital crime' of apostasy comprehensible by comparing it to high treason for Westerners. Since regrettably and contrary to reason no one has been executed for high treason since Mata Hari, this faux equivalence did not particularly add to the debate.

How serpents are trained in pOmo pOlicor:
"The Koran is a beautiful book. Those who read and further it
must never, ever say only their view is the correct". 
Islam as a religion offers equal rights to both men and women since the punishment for adultery is stoning for both sexes alike *ow, that's OK then...*  "If I had committed adultery I would have asked to be stoned", hisssed the serpent. And stretching credulity to the limit, went on assuring his audience that in fact he has been receiving quite a few requests from Western adulteresses *(f), males having disappeared from the equation at this stage* demanding to be deported to Muslim countries to be stoned *sure, goldilocks*
Anyway, gr8 fun was had by all amidst frequent salvos of applause rising from the elite Muslim Students Fraternity ward.
While true pOmos can very well relate to Muslim anti-realism, the atheist mOdernist likes to think of himself as a true Knight of the Enlightenment. But frankly, the theological serpent made them look like incoherent, confused kooks. It serves them right for offering this piece of venom a soap box.
You don't talk to fascists, you destroy them!
Continued in part III: the niqini, provocative, tacky and dangerous