Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#W0Ot! Momentum Against Climatism Is Building

This is HUGE. This is MEGA. This development CAN'T be overestimated. The dam is breaking! The climate catastrophe has been called off! #SHOCKER The inconvenient truth is shelved as mere Truth Du Jour! Germany's Green Pope has turned into a climate sceptic. #OMG! Yes, it's all true. Just as the capital is drying up, the need for it conveniently went up in smoke! Isn't the universe a wonderful place? The truth will set us FREE!

Imagine! No more climate guilt and climate blackmail, no more climate debt worth billions of $$ or climate reparations. The rights of Mother Who? Commodification What? Read in our COP17 post all 'bout the madness gripping the UN climate lobby! Even as the tattered shreds - of whatever credibility global warming alarmists had - evaporated, the monstrous narrative behind the #NWO continued to lurch forward. Here's what the eco loonies proposed...
But no longer! The climate narrative is all water under the bridge now. Snow for the sun. The wreck of the Titanic! The bottom of the swamp. The climate narrative is all *FUBAR* This is truly the beginning of the end. Now without further ado the good news message introduced by James Delingpole...
„Seit 12 Jahren ist die Erd-Erw√§rmung gestoppt!“
When the Germans start running headlines like that in their biggest tabloid newspaper, you know that for the eco loons Der Krieg ist Verloren. It means "Global Warming stopped twelve years ago," and it's part of a serialisation being run by Bild (circulation: 4 million) of Germany's newest surprise bestseller – a climate sceptical book called Die Kalte Sonne (The Cold Sun). (H/T Jay) (...) >>>
No Tricks Zone: "Body Blow To German Global Warming Movement! Major Media Outlets Unload On “CO2 Lies!”"