Friday, February 24, 2012

OMG! What's With Oil Doing Shock and Awe? Inflation...?

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In the previous posting *SNAFU! On the Day After It's Business As Usual in Brussels* we commented in the margins on the matter of the mass application of the printing press. Since inflating the balance sheets of national central banks by some 7 trillion dollars is merely inter banking money, the effects of inflation therefore seem to remain limited in the statistics *you wish* Regrettably this appears not to be strictly the case. New money is inevitably leaking into the real economy. The problem becomes acutely apparent in high oil and gas prices which are excluded from inflation statistics *OMG* Yes.
Politicians, like the Obama (currently promising fuel from pond scum *algae* *HERE the truth!*) are pointing at the partly self-inflicted tensions in the Middle East and Iran as the reason why oil is doing shock and awe. Now it seems their own deeply corrupt debt recycling policies are to blame! Read what disasters are in store for us in "What Rising Gasoline Prices Do To The Economy".
*But it just got worse* Oil prices aren't that high at all, are even rather low. They are depressed by recessions in the US and Europe. It therefore stands to reason that prices will get even higher in de near future. 
Again, how do the pOmo monetary schemes of valueless money work? *Get this!* Banks are buying government debt as assets with their left hand, while they're paying for it with crispy, newly printed fiat money they just got from the central tank with their right hand *MEGA PONZI*
Louis Woodhill op Forbes has the inside scoop from the hermetic world of oil:
At this point, we can be certain that, unless gold prices come down, gasoline prices are going to go up—by a lot. And, because the dollar is currently a floating, undefined, fiat currency, there is no inherent limit to how far the price of gold in dollars can rise, and therefore no ultimate ceiling on gasoline prices. (...) Over the centuries, gold has been “the golden constant”. Eventually, all prices equilibrate with gold. (...)
This is what you get from distrusting markets and resorting to central planning. Markets can be moral but tough, but pOmo humans are deeply amoral and all too fallible!
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