Friday, February 24, 2012

OMG! What's With Oil Doing Shock and Awe? Inflation...?

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In the previous posting *SNAFU! On the Day After It's Business As Usual in Brussels* we commented in the margins on the matter of the mass application of the printing press. Since inflating the balance sheets of national central banks by some 7 trillion dollars is merely inter banking money, the effects of inflation therefore seem to remain limited in the statistics *you wish* Regrettably this appears not to be strictly the case. New money is inevitably leaking into the real economy. The problem becomes acutely apparent in high oil and gas prices which are excluded from inflation statistics *OMG* Yes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SNAFU! On the Day After It's Business As Usual in Brussels (update)

The recipe for crony capitalism: Just add stimulus, subsidies and socialism then simmer (crony capitalism is a bad term, since it has nothing to do with capitalism and everything with corporatism, the very definition of fascism according to Musso himself, and he should know). But that aside. @DanHannanMEP: "It is difficult to convey the determination of MEPs and Eurocrats to respond to the debt crisis with yet more expenditure; but the clip above might give you some idea. More...     Hat tip: @UKIP
Politicians are self congratulatory with the news this morning emanating from BRX about the second Greek bailout @ 130 billion euros. See pie below: 81% goes directly to the banks. See the vid above how they can't wait to 'stimulate' and 'invest' in tourism in Greece *OMG* and how the Greek MEP is oblivious to the fact the green industry has all but bankrupted Spain and is now scandalising the US, Solyndra's collapse said to be merely the tip of the iceberg

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend of Islam (III): the niqini, provocative, tacky and dangerous

The daughter of Belgian politician Filip Dewinter, leader of the right wing Vlaams Belang party, has posed for a campaign ad in a combination of niqab and bikini. Since the party is subject of a so called 'cordon sanitaire' - ostracism from decent society - the matter is kept out of the media. Thanks to FoxNews *tataaaaaa...* here's An-Sofie Dewinter wearing her niqini.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend of Islam (II): three useful idiots and a serpent

Continued from part I: Separation of Mosque and State

Amsterdam's VU University cancelled an 'academic debate' with the London-based Sharia Council member and controversial Islam 'scholar' Haitham al-Haddad on Friday, amidst uproar about his views on humanity, society, and antisemitic statements. The intellectual exercise had been the initiative of integration's finest, the VU Muslim Students Society. The Lower House of Parliament held an emergency session on the issue *LOL they enjoy micro management these days!* and voted against the Haddad entering the country. But contrary to the Brits when they refused entry of Geert Wilders, the Dutch Minister of Justice couldn't find any legal grounds to stop the Haddad #bummer. So the 'debate' went ahead anyway; not on the University campus, but at a policor cultural center.

SWEET! Greeks Say Txxxxx

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend of Islam (I): the separation of Mosque and State

Does this behavior violate anyone's rights! Or is the Birthday of Mohammed here today in Amsterdam a feast of liberty? More photos
This week we saw how hidden trap doors and priest holes penetrated the iron wall of separation between State and Church. We'd better watch our first principles very closely here, folks, before freedom gets truly #FUBAR and we sleepwalk into tyranny!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#W0Ot! Momentum Against Climatism Is Building

This is HUGE. This is MEGA. This development CAN'T be overestimated. The dam is breaking! The climate catastrophe has been called off! #SHOCKER The inconvenient truth is shelved as mere Truth Du Jour! Germany's Green Pope has turned into a climate sceptic. #OMG! Yes, it's all true. Just as the capital is drying up, the need for it conveniently went up in smoke! Isn't the universe a wonderful place? The truth will set us FREE!

ShocK! Bader Ginsburg Supports Eugenics, Collective Rights

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg #brrr is as close to Adofl Hitler's sister as we're ever going to get. And she's sitting in judgement on the highest US court *shudders* applying a law we now know she detests. Bader Ginsburg was appointed by Bill Clinton, a move motivated by a policor consideration as ever there was one: hormonal secretion. She was the second female ever appointed to that high office.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


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@IrateGreek For non-Greek speakers, @northaura is translating news from the #Feb5gr demonstration in #Syntagma in various languages. #Greece #Feb5gr