Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oops! pOmo Spills the Beans: Your Money Is Worthless!

While the rate of the euro plunged through the cellar floor this week for no apparent and direct reason #clusterfuck, evidence came in that pOmo mOney is nothing more than hot air: it has no value. This is what we recently wrote in a clarification of the posting entitled, "HOAX! they're Collapsing the Financial System!"
These pomo perceptions are actually short cuts to 'something for nothing', the mindset of the criminal. There's a word for coveting a value without wanting to do the necessary effort, or paying the price: it's called theft. The crime caught fire by Marx, who proposed to abolish money, so that material inequality might become a thing of the past.
What is money? Money is a thing in itself (paper, metal), but the real value is in the energy and the material of the surplus production which it represents. Fiat money is just money in itself (paper and metal) without the value of the surplus production. Without a gold standard or some other value reference, it is hot air, funny money.
Here then is the evidence (from Follow The Money: "De euro als een monetair probleem" (The euro as a monetary problem). Here's a partial translation; the auto translate is so bad, it's hardly legible):
The unorthodox Dept. of Economics of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) has been trying to replicate a modern monetary system (...) By imposing a tax the buckeroo gets 'value'. No one would work for buckaroos without the tax. This is why in our own monetary system bank notes and digits on a bank account, despite being intrinsically valueless, are still wanted. In the end everyone has to pay taxes in the denomination mandated by the government. 
Yes, you are reading that correctly. If in doubt, read it again! Taxation turns an otherwise worthless transsubstantiation into a 'wanted' product LOL Here's another quote from this Keynesian eye-opener:
People often believe the government needs our money and must borrow money and tax us to cover deficits, but it is actually the other way around: we need the money from the government because the government is making demands on us (namely taxes) (...) The government is always creating assets 'ex nihilo', be it bank notes and coins in a bank account (central bank reserves) or on a savings account (government bonds). (...) The only thing a central bank does, is converting the properties in the private sector by selling and buying assets. The central bank can't create financial net assets. Therefore it is perculiar that the buying of government bonds (nothing else but converting money from a savings account to an account with the central bank) is described as "printing money". Government expenditure is however never described as "printing money". Only new financial assets (money) are created "ex nihilo" by government expenditure. 
Capiche? Geez, stupid us! The state rules! Fundamental property rights? Pfffff. Everything will be given, as long as it pleases the state. Liberty? Extremism! Truth? An  illusion! Government deficits are really your savings account with the central bank ROFLOL This is Orwell's hell...
The efforts of farmers, professionals, shop keepers, entrepreneurs and tycoons do not produce value, but it's exactly the other way around. It's the organized looting of the tax man that is adding value to the virtual transsubstance! HELP [/sarc] (Read it all, if you can find a proper auto translator (Dutch)). 
And us bitterly complaining about three generations chained to MEGA debts totaling thousands of buckaroos per head of the population! Not so! The astronomical sovereign debts defying human comprehension will simply be fed into the virtual shredder and hey presto, gone with the drop of an eye!
Peeps, it simply doesn't get any more corrupt than this inside-out-upside-down satan's mass! Pomos are SNAFU and the system is completely FUBAR! 
Convert your "savings account with the central bank" to gold and bury three steps removed from an oak tree; get at least two fire arms and a healthy load of ammo @UsedFirearms; buy water filtering equipment, cans en seeds; learn  fermenting sauerkraut, knitting and distilling alcohol! We have an appointment with TEOTWAWKI (! It has now become inevitable...
Update: latest news in the decoupling of money and value: "Ex-Fed Official Accuses Bernanke of “Covert Bailout” of European Banks", and here's a suggestion how that possibly came about: "Presenting The Exchange Stabilization Fund In 5 Parts: Is This The Real "Plunge Protection Team"?" Check free PDF on Euro collapse!