Sunday, January 29, 2012

#OMG!: Reaction From Athens to #NWO Declaration of War, Part 2

The puppet government governing Greece on behalf of the #NWO has been installed to ensure that the country is duly paying its debts. It turns out to consist of Greeks #hoppa whose first loyalty is to #shock! Greece.
As we've seen yesterday in Part 1 the Germans in their thoroughness have drafted an Uberr├╝cksichtslos plan that foresees in the constitutional transfer of sovereignty: "absolute priority to debt service" + "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty" + "constitutional amendment thereto" or there isn't going to be a second bailout (PDF draft Declaration of War). The plan includes the installation of a Gauleiter (a satrap, governor, or better yet, a budget czar).
A spokesman for the sock puppets has already declared that in their consideration: "The budget is solely our responsibility".
Today there's a written statement by the MinFin, Evangelos Venizelos. Here's a fun quote:
"(...) our partners do know that European integration is based on the institutional parity of member states and the respect of their national identity and dignity (...) Anyone who puts a nation before the dilemma of 'economic assistance or national dignity' ignores some key historical lessons."
Euxaristos! #shock and primarily #awe! offspring of founding father of cradle of civilization on collision course with #NWO pomos! Hedge your bets @

Will be continued tomorrow!

BREAKING! #BOMBSHELL Geert Wilders' PVV party has commisioned consultancy firm Lombard Street Research to investigate a return to the heritage currency! Well, the report has just been published. Some good news for Greece too #LOL #fastenseatbelts
Keep Talking Greece has posted a statement from the PSI negotiating team, stating that a deal will be reached next week about voluntary debt restructuring.
After successful talks with the leaders of the governing parties, sockpuppet Papademos will be flying to BRX tonight in time for the EU summit tomorrow.
The BBC is raking up the fact that it was Germany itself that made a mockery in 2003 of the Stability and Growth Pact. True enough. But let's face it, the EZ is a group of countries, not a nursary!  What's more, with Britain marginalized and France losing power, of which the loss of the triple A is but a symbol, the center of gravity in the EU is moving towards Germany. A revolt is in the works. The BBC: "The unfolding paradox is this: that a process that was motivated 20 years ago by a desire to Europeanise Germany looks likely to have precisely the opposite effect. Much of Europe will now be required to Germanise its economic governance."