Sunday, January 29, 2012

#EPIC!: #NWO Annexes Cradle of Civilization

This is EPIC!!!!1! The Troika (IMF+EU+ECB=GRM) proposes to annex a sovereign nation, not by land grab, but by #Occupying the budget and the transfer of self determination by Constitution (PDF text with Declaration of Bloodless War h/t FT). Yipz, that's right! Here in short hand: "absolute priority to debt service" + "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty" + "constitutional amendment thereto" or there isn't going to be a second bailout. The Greeks have already made it clear: a resounding Oxi (njet) to this extortion (more reactions on Keep Talking Greece).

It may very well be the case that next week Greek negotiators feel they are up against the wall. They have one more week to avert default on the sovereign debt (time table). Read here of the consequences if the European banking system goes TEOTWAWKI ( According to our correspondent is Athens the general feeling is that the Germans, with their outrageous demands are trying to force the Greeks from the euro nest. Hell, Yeah, what a Fabulous Idea! The Greek motto springs to mind: Freedom or Death! How'zat for absolutism? @economistMeg of the Roubini school of economic disaster tends to agree.
Should the Greeks bow to the German plan any EU country may be up next for annexation. Today the Greeks, thou tomorrow! Our fates are now intertwined. You can choose any pretext you like: from the lack of  fighting the invisible evil #CO2, to incompliance with the #EUSSR prescribed curve of cucumbers.
Members of the "Fiscal Compact" have already forfeited their national sovereignty. But a parliament without a budget right is like a body without blood. The item is on the agenda of the EU Summit 1/12 in BRX next Monday. We are running towards the dictatorial abyss like suicidal rats! 
Veteran journalist John Ward is venting against the moral side of the Greek occupation and can count the number of articles in the western press about the tragedy on the fingers of one hand.