Sunday, January 29, 2012

#OMG!: Reaction From Athens to #NWO Declaration of War, Part 2

The puppet government governing Greece on behalf of the #NWO has been installed to ensure that the country is duly paying its debts. It turns out to consist of Greeks #hoppa whose first loyalty is to #shock! Greece.

#EPIC!: #NWO Annexes Cradle of Civilization

This is EPIC!!!!1! The Troika (IMF+EU+ECB=GRM) proposes to annex a sovereign nation, not by land grab, but by #Occupying the budget and the transfer of self determination by Constitution (PDF text with Declaration of Bloodless War h/t FT). Yipz, that's right! Here in short hand: "absolute priority to debt service" + "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty" + "constitutional amendment thereto" or there isn't going to be a second bailout. The Greeks have already made it clear: a resounding Oxi (njet) to this extortion (more reactions on Keep Talking Greece).

Monday, January 23, 2012

#SOPA #PIPA #ACTA: The Internet War Has Begun! (updated)

- Dr. Diana Hsieh is responding to questions on #SOPA, Internet piracy, and intellectual property during her weekly live webcast Philosophy in Action. For links mentioned in the webcast, check the archive - H/t @YerRamautarsing Blog: Atlantis -

#SOPA (coincidentally Shut Up! in Greek) is in the intensive care unit of the US Congress (#
SOPA in the House and the ugly twin Bill #PIPA in the Senate).
The European Bill is called #ACTA. It's such an appalling assault on liberty that even the EuroComiCzar for the Internet, Iron Lady Neelie Kroes has come out against it.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oops! pOmo Spills the Beans: Your Money Is Worthless!

While the rate of the euro plunged through the cellar floor this week for no apparent and direct reason #clusterfuck, evidence came in that pOmo mOney is nothing more than hot air: it has no value. This is what we recently wrote in a clarification of the posting entitled, "HOAX! they're Collapsing the Financial System!"
These pomo perceptions are actually short cuts to 'something for nothing', the mindset of the criminal. There's a word for coveting a value without wanting to do the necessary effort, or paying the price: it's called theft. The crime caught fire by Marx, who proposed to abolish money, so that material inequality might become a thing of the past.
What is money? Money is a thing in itself (paper, metal), but the real value is in the energy and the material of the surplus production which it represents. Fiat money is just money in itself (paper and metal) without the value of the surplus production. Without a gold standard or some other value reference, it is hot air, funny money.