Friday, December 30, 2011

Book! The Tragedy of the Euro (free PDF)

"The Tragedy of the Euro", by Philipp Bagus, in the vid eloquently reviewed by lengthyounarther, is much more exciting than the boring interviews with Bagus on the YouTube channels of Misesmedia and But even those come warmly recommended to students of the euro disaster zone.
For New Year's Eve the Mises Institute has kindly released a free PDF of the book. Considering the crisis please consider leaving the fire crackers for what they are this year and hop into bed with The Tragedy and a glass of you know what (try not to flatten the crisps between the sheets!).
Auld lang syne, peeps! 'twas a beast of a year. Looking forward to the next bitch ;-)))
H/t @Zerohedge: "The Real Tragedy Of The Euro"
No time for 160 pages with bated breadth? Here's a Synopsis: "The Tragedy of the Euro"
Zerohedge: "Inflation: An Expansion of Counterfeit Credit"
Sago: "Quantitative Easing 101" (ECB: LTRO (pr. eltro)