Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eurofascism: European Integration and the Oyro (part 2)

- by @Duivels666 -
Crony capitalism is a form of corporatism that has nothing to do with capitalism itself. Neither does the incarnated market phobia that socialists pejoratively refer to as neo liberalism. So called 'Regulators' and 'Authorities' and other national and European fasces control the markets so they continue to perform according to wishes of the little emperors. It's like appointing a Weather Czar. It's Orwellian

Eurofascism: European Integration and the Nazis (part 1)

- by Duivels666
The Soviet provo, Wladimir Bukovski a few years back noticed the EU is a twin of the Soviet Union. That's not as strange as it seems at first blush. Socialistic total states are built centralized top down. The same was the case in Nazi Germany. Blueprints from 1942 have surfaced showing the Nazis dreamed of European integration, of course under German leadership. Plan B was born.