Saturday, September 17, 2011

Viva La Revolución! On the Barricades! A la Lanterne! NOT

For years now we've been looking forward to this LOL. Read it all in The Coming Insurrection. From #France the resistance migrated via #Italy to #Greece where it caused the deaths of at least four people. From there it moved across the EastMed to #Tunesia #Egypt and #Syria. It got a few revolts going in #Bahrain (now occupied by Saudia) and #Yemen, claimed uproar in #Spain, a war in #Libya (even though that was NATO in close cooperation with Al Qaeda) and the bread riots the iPhone uproar in Londen, the revolution arrived today in Amsterdam #003120 under the name #Beurspleinbezetting (occupation of Stock Exchange Square), (drunk (?) live blogged on Moeten We Niet Willen by @Cappuccino ;-)). Pica by Wael Ghomin wannabe, @jaimyfox - Tx).