Sunday, June 26, 2011

ShocK! Wilders' Plaintiffs To Appeal ... @ the UNHRC!

Now that Wilders has been acquitted of all charges of hate spread, group insult and differentation, the plaintiffs are showing their hidden agenda. We learn from the Leftist 365/24/7 Wilders Bash Blog,  Joop @2525 (pica) they will be appealing against the verdict in a formal complaint lodged at the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. But the appointment of Libya as chair of this sad UN panel has brought its name in such disrepute, the pomo nuclear option had to be invoked in order to salvage its existence: sticking another label to the poison vial. The UNHRC is now known as the United Nations Human Rights Council. This in stark contrast to the Committee! Since then the UN has started a war against one of its members, the sovereign state of Libya, all with the best intentions of course #R2P