Saturday, December 17, 2011

OMG! The Flemish Talibans Are Coming!

No, this isn't Monty Python, but the real deal: true salafi hakhbars from Flanders. And yes, they are hilarious, and again yes, they want a hatebeard Khalifate from Kamtchatka to the American West coast, from sea to shining sea. Who is able to evade this evidence is an amoral, decadent denier of Evil and ought to have his psychological hygiene checked.
After the Talibans blew up the Buddha's of Bamyan, thanks to the Arab Spring we can expect the Sfynx and the Pyramids of Egypt to be next on the Islamist iconoclastic wish list. And h/t to the useful idiots, collectively  known as #Occupy, the 'idols', the Atomium of Belgium (vid), France's IJffel Tower, the mills of Kinderdijk, London's Saint Paul's and Mount Rushmore will be next to fall victim to the barbarians.
Many were astounded by the ease with which the progressive Left, champions of the cause of emancipation, jilted the interests of women and gays in favor of Islam. That feast of recognition is partly made clear in the vid. Here's the analysis: 
Social form - collective
Ethics - altruism
Philosophy - Pragmatism: aim justifies means
Epistemology - anti reason
Perspective- subjectivism
Enlightenment - pomo and premo
Economy - Socialism, redistribution
Narrative - dialectic
Themes - Sorelian myths
Social construct - morally superior victimhood, strife and struggle against the oppressors, revolution and conquest towards a higher goal